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Weighbridge Accessories

Diverseco’s great range of weighbridge and truck scale accessories can be engineered to form a complete made-to-measure solution that enable our customers to meet CoR regulatory compliance requirements, increase operational speed, efficiencies and effectiveness, and reduce labour costs.

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Accessories that can transform weighbridges or truck scales into fully fledged vehicle weighing system include:

  • Boom gates: Ideal for managing traffic access and traffic flow on-site, boom gates can be operated manually or controlled automatically with an automated system integrated with the weighbridge.
  • Remote displays: perfect for displaying weight readings to the driver, as well as alpha-numeric messages such as site destination details.
  • Electronic identification systems: to uniquely identify vehicles or people and prevent fraudulent use of automated weighbridge systems.
  • Photo electric cells: for quick and easy detection of a vehicle at an unmanned, automatic weighbridge or confirmation of correct axle positions on multiple-deck weighbridges.
  • Traffic control lights: for the safe regulation of traffic on-site and easy communication with drivers when weighbridge access is clear.
  • Speed humps: to minimise weighbridge maintenance costs by limiting excessive movement and reducing damage to cups and load cells.
  • WHS products: to ensure all workplace health and safety requirements are upheld, from access platforms and safety railings to walkways and barriers.
  • Summing indicators: to sum multiple digital indicators from multiple deck weighbridges so that total and individual vehicle mass is displayed.

Weighbridge Remote Displays

Remote Displays

Diverseco offers a wide range of remote displays to ensure we can supply the ideal unit to suit every weighbridge application.

Traffic Control Lights

200mm LED Traffic Lights

Traffic control lights are a simple security accessory, typically fitted with a 150mm red and green aspect, although other combinations are available…

Weighbridge Boom Gates

AccuWeigh MIB 30 Boom Gate

Boom gates provide site security and can integrate in to the site’s weighing process. They may operate manually or automatically, using a softwa…

Electronic Identification Systems

iButton Presented to Device

Electronic identification systems include transponders and transceivers. Transponders are uniquely encoded to identify personnel or vehicles.

Weighbridge Summing Indicators

Weighbridge summing indicator cabinets

Weighbridge summing indicators are used to sum results from two or more digital indicators that form part of a multiple deck weighbridges.

Weighbridge WHS Products

Driver Landing - Standard 3m - Weighbridge WHS

A full range of safety products are available to ensure weighbridges comply with occupational health & safety requirements.

Speed Bumps

Weighbridge speed hump installation

Excessive braking can cause weighbridge damage. Weighbridge speed bumps limit the speed of trucks entering the weighbridge.

Photoelectric Cells

Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric cells are a switch that is tripped when a vehicle cuts the beam of the cell and can alert operators to the incorrect proximity of a vehi…