Kawasaki Robotics

Kawasaki Robotics Diverseco

If you’re looking to automate workflows using a robot with versatility, power, speed and reliability, at a competitive price, then look no further t…

Waste Robotics

Waste robotics logo

Waste Robotics automated waste sortation and recycling systems are revolutionising the waste recycling and resource recovery sector.

Doosan Robotics

Doosan Robotics Diverseco

Switch on the future with Doosan Robotics, manufacturer of world’s most user-friendly, high-performance and functional collaborative robots.



OnRobot are the premier one-stop-shop for applications in the collaborative robot space.

Solomon Vision

Solomon Vision

The Solomon mission is to make it possible for robots and machines to perform increasingly complex jobs required of today′s manufacturing industries…

SERVO-ROBOT Vision Systems


Utilised in a variety of applications, Vision Guided or Vision Assisted robotics can further enhance the flexibility and capability of any given proce…

Kyokutoh Robotics


Kyokutoh Tip Dressers are not only effective … they are fast!



Pro-face is the experts’ choice when you need the ultimate in programmable touch screen interface panels.

Nitta Robotics


Worldwide innovators, Nitta, provide Diverseco with an excellent range of Swivel Joints and Tool Changers.



With decades of combined experience and expertise in our respective Industries, BOC and Diverseco can ensure the best welding fit for your automation…