OnRobot delivers a full line of plug-and-produce end-of-arm tooling (EoAT) for collaborative applications. Their innovative grippers, sensors, and tool changers help manufacturers gain the full advantages of collaborative and lightweight industrial robots, including ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and safety alongside human workers.

OnRobot Diverseco

The introduction of automation in the 20th century heavily shaped the industrial world and robots have been deployed in manufacturing for many years. Today, small, affordable collaborative robot arms and light industrial robots are once again revolutionizing the industrial world, giving manufacturers flexibility and increased productivity at a lower cost.

With the OnRobot One System Solution, you can use our cutting-edge gripping and sensing technologies – a truly collaborative solution for your application, regardless of which robots you’re using. OnRobot collaborative applications make automation accessible and profitable for all sizes and types of manufacturers. With an electronic quick changer built right in, simple programming and easy installation of OnRobot tools saves time and gets your production up and running quickly, making you more productive and securing a fast ROI on your entire application.

OnRobot’s advanced EoAT products help small and mid-sized manufacturers optimize their processes and grow their businesses with greater flexibility, higher output, and improved quality. Get everything you need from one innovative company.