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Switch on the future with Doosan Robotics, manufacturer of world’s most user-friendly, high-performance and functional collaborative robots.  Winners of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for two consecutive years – in the ‘Interface & User Experience’ category in 2017 and in the ‘Product Design’ category in 2018.

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Doosan Robotics is a leading collaborative robot (cobot) manufacturer, empowering people to achieve higher levels of efficiency and creating immediate productivity gains for organisations. Featuring industry-leading technology and an ultra-intuitive user experience, Doosan cobots serve as safe, robust and reliable partners, and are used for a wide range of applications across the globe. With innovative technology and engineering excellence, Doosan Robotics is committed to spearheading the industry’s growth and innovation to provide the best value.As a leading Authorised System Integrator of Doosan collaborative robots (cobots), Diverseco can provide you an outstanding collaborative robotics automation solution featuring any robot in Doosan Robotics range.

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Features of Doosan cobots include the ability to teach the robot the movements required on it by moving its arms without the need for expert programming. This is called direct teaching. Doosan’s robots have a built-in precision torque sensor in each of six axes that enable the best soft direct teaching and collision sensitvity in the industry. This feature also enables the robot to perform sophisticated tasks that previously required the dexterity of human hands.

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