The use of dynamic process control technology, which includes sophisticated sensor systems, has greatly expanded the scope of in robotic automation applications in recent years.

SERVO-ROBOT is the leading manufacturer of 3D Robot-Vision systems and software dedicated to real-time intelligent control and monitoring of industrial robots. Its vision and sensing systems allow for the transfer of multi-dimensional feedback on targets. This input is provided in a language that is instantly recognisable by the robotics system. This is essential in allowing for the intricate visual inspections that are key in increasing the scope of robotic applications, enabling robots to take complex actions based on visual interaction with the target piece.

SERVO ROBOT Laser Seam Tracking

Vision sensors consist of a camera that takes a photo of sections of the part or component. These photos are then sent to the memory where it is processed and analysed via a series of comparisons against pre-set parameters. This enables the robot to track a part and compare what it ‘sees’ against the pre-set parameters. This feedback enables the robot to dynamically adjust the actions it takes.

As Authorised Systems Integrator for SERVO-ROBOT, Diverseco specialises in the advancement of robotic automation solutions for a wide range of applications through use of automated dynamic process controls, which include vision guided or vision assisted robot.

We have been working with SERVO-ROBOT for over a decade and have achieved outstanding results in the development of robot vision systems for applications that include: real-time online tracking and scanning; and solving customer production issues with part alignment, product movement, positional adjustment.

Automation of joining processes, such as laser welding and arc welding, glueing, sealing and measurement also benefit from SERVO-ROBOT products. Process control tools that provide real-time joint tracking, adaptive control and visual inspection system are integrated with SERVO-ROBOT advanced 3-D laser vision techniques and advanced sensing devices. Likewise, material handling and pick-and-place applications benefit from the unique hybrid sensor technology that can dramatically speed up and simplify applications traditionally done with 2-D sensors. SERVO-ROBOT products are applied in various industrial sectors to ensure process quality and efficiency.

Our robot automation experts help our customers to explore the world of possibilities that Vision Guided or Vision Assisted robotics can offer.