Sweet Outcome for Queensland Sugar Mill

2019-06-13T16:15:00+09:30 26th July 2018|

A weighbridge, located at a south-east Queensland sugar mill, was recently refitted with all new load cells. The old load cells, Avery T302X load cells, were working well at the time. However, their age, replacement price and lengthy unavailability (no stock is held in Australia) should a breakdown occur would mean that the weighbridge down-time would have been crippling for the mill, especially during the busy sugar season. This customer therefore decided to be proactive and have all the load c… Read More

NSW Biomass Fired Power Station Operations Supported by New Weighbridge

2019-06-13T16:15:00+09:30 19th July 2018|

AccuWeigh recently constructed, installed and commissioned a new dual range weighbridge at one of Australia’s largest biomass fired power stations, located on the NSW north coast. The power station generates 30MW predominantly using sugar cane milling waste and other biomass fuels. The weighbridge is installed on a remote location away from any mains power, and uses three 180W solar panels and three by 12V, 120AH deep cycle batteries to run a Driver Control Station that includes a digital ind… Read More

Weighbridge Maintenance Case Study

2019-06-13T16:15:00+09:30 12th July 2018|

AccuWeigh was recently asked to perform a service visit to a weighbridge, west of Brisbane. When our technician arrived, they found a weighbridge in need of regular maintenance. A build up of material beneath the weighbridge had been allowed to accumulate to the point that the weighbridge performance was being affected. The build up of debris also violates the trade measurement legislation which requires a 150mm clearance between the underside of the weighbridge deck and the foundation floor. An… Read More

Weigh Hopper Calibrations and Safety Go Hand in Hand

2019-06-13T16:15:00+09:30 5th July 2018|

Weigh hoppers are often large containers mounted on load cells. Occasionally, their design may accommodate for easy calibration with the placement of test weights at or near ground level. Often, however, test weights used to calibrate the scale must be placed at height, which represents a significant risk to any service technician. The safety of our service technicians is very important to us, and because of Duty of Care and Chain of Responsibility obligations it should also be very important to… Read More