Weigh Hopper Calibrations and Safety Go Hand in Hand

>Weigh Hopper Calibrations and Safety Go Hand in Hand

Weigh Hopper Calibrations and Safety Go Hand in Hand

2019-06-13T16:15:00+09:30 5th July 2018|

Weigh hoppers are often large containers mounted on load cells. Occasionally, their design may accommodate for easy calibration with the placement of test weights at or near ground level. Often, however, test weights used to calibrate the scale must be placed at height, which represents a significant risk to any service technician.

The safety of our service technicians is very important to us, and because of Duty of Care and Chain of Responsibility obligations it should also be very important to our customers. Many of our customers understand this and work with AccuWeigh to improve safety and minimise risk to their employees and ours.

If AccuWeigh has to hire or use caged platforms or harnesses to work at height while calibrating a weigh hopper, the added expense and time is typically accepted by our customers as a necessity to ensure a safe working environment.

AccuWeigh’s technicians go to great heights to calibrate our customers’ weighing systems, literally in some cases. But safety is still paramount. Learn about our focus on safety at http://www.accucorp.com.au/company/ohs.php.