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Weighbridge Maintenance Case Study

2019-06-13T16:15:00+10:30 12th July 2018|

AccuWeigh was recently asked to perform a service visit to a weighbridge, west of Brisbane. When our technician arrived, they found a weighbridge in need of regular maintenance. A build up of material beneath the weighbridge had been allowed to accumulate to the point that the weighbridge performance was being affected.

The build up of debris also violates the trade measurement legislation which requires a 150mm clearance between the underside of the weighbridge deck and the foundation floor. And, had a trade measurement inspector visited, the weighbridge would have been rejected for trade use.

Many of our customers should be aware that there is a lot of maintenance that they themselves can perform on a weighbridge that does not require significant skills: cleaning underneath the weighbridge being a prime example.

Customers that have purchased a weighbridge from AccuWeigh receive, as part of the supply, an A3-sized laminated Weighbridge Care and Maintenance Poster for the operator, and an Operation and Maintenance Manual which includes a detailed section of weighbridge maintenance. We encourage our customers to perform some periodic maintenance to maximise the performance of their weighbridge.

Contact AccuWeigh if you need advice on how to care for your weighing systems as we enjoy empowering our customers with knowledge about their equipment.