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Industrial Robots

If you’re looking to automate workflows using an industrial robot with versatility, power, speed and reliability, at a competitive price, you cannot surpass Kawasaki. With over 40 years experience, Kawasaki consolidates its state-of-the-art technology in a form that is simple and friendly.

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As the leading Australian Authorised System Integrator and supplier of Kawasaki robotics, Diverseco can specify any robot in Kawasaki’s range of industrial robots to meet the exact requirements of your application.

Kawasaki Robotics - Diverseco Partner

Welding Robots

Kawasaki B Series Robot

B SERIES: The B Series is a line of Spot Welding Robots that perfectly embodies the expertise Kawasaki has cultivated in the field of spot welding, effectively taking performance to the next level. Compared to conventional Robots, the B Series has a much smaller footprint and an even thinner body. Coupled with the cable harnesses housed within the Robot arm, these features make it possible to install a large number of B Series Robots within a confined space.

Kawasaki Robotics R Series Robot

R SERIES: The R Series are smaller Welding Robots with payload between 2 to 60kg. The new lightweight arm of the R Series Robot combined with high-output, high revolution, small motors and other design innovations provides industry-leading acceleration and high-speed operation.

Robotic Welding Arm - Kawasaki

RA SERIES: The RA Series is a specialised Arc Welding Robot that optimises the combination of welding machine, traverse unit, positioner and other necessary components to produce a welding system that combines high performance with simple operation.

Robotic Welding Arm Z - Kawasaki

Z SERIES: The Z Series are medium sized Robots with a payload between 130 to 300kg. Ideal for Spot Welding, Assembling, heavy duty Material Handling and Palletising applications, the Z Series boasts a longer reach, industry leading wrist capacity and slim base dimensions.

Spray Painting Robots

Kawasaki Robotics K Series Robot

K SERIES: Ideal for Spray Painting, these intrinsically safe Robots are well versed for all your painting needs.

Palletising & Material Handling Robots

Kawasaki Robotics M Series

M SERIES: The M Series is the largest in the Kawasaki range with a huge payload between 350 to 500kg. Ideal for Assembling, Material Handling and Palletising applications, the M Series Robot is targeted for palletising and de-palletising.  It has the strength to handle weights of up to 500kg and will support the loading and unloading of very heavy objects over a great operational range.

Kawasaki Robotics - RD MD ZD Series Robot

RD-ZD-MD SERIES: The RD/ZD/MD Series features high-speed palletising Robots to meet demands for power and speed. The RD Robot is the most compact model, but it possesses a wide range of movement. The MD Robot can handle load capacities of up to 500kg as well as handle multiple pallets, whilst the ZD Robot has a payload of 130 to 250kg.

Kawasaki Robotics - Y Series Robot

Y SERIES: The Y Series is the ideal Robot for high-speed pick and place across a variety of industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and solar panel production lines.

Software, Vision, and Accessories

Kawasaki Robotics - Clean Robot

CLEAN ROBOTKawasaki’s extensive range includes robots for all your high speed, high accuracy Cleanroom needs.

Kawasaki Robotics - E Controllers

E CONTROLLER: Diverseco installs premium Kawasaki Robot Controllers and Teach Pendants for all applications.

Kawasaki Robotics - K Roset

K-ROSET: K-ROSET is Kawasaki’s offline programming software tool. It allows the user to display and examine 3D models of equipment instruments and products on a computer. K-Roset also enables you to use your computer to program Robots and perform simulations.

Kawasaki Robotics - Vision System

VISION SYSTEM: The Vision System is Kawasaki’s multifunctional, high-speed and high-precision visual sensing system that can be used on a wide range of sites immediately. The adoption of Vision systems enables no positioning of works to be required and the initial setup per work to be simplified.

FRICTION SPOT JOINING: Friction Spot Joining is used on lap joints of aluminium, magnesium and other light metals. A cylindrical joining tool with a small projection at the tip rotates whilst plunging and then withdrawing from the material creating a metallurgical bond.