Doosan Collaborative Robots

Industry Leading Cobots

Doosan Robotics’ collaborative robot range is the go-to solution for simple and complex collaboration tasks alike. The flexibility of Doosan cobots are second to none, boasting the industries safest, as well as highest payload, cobots that are suitable for virtually any collaborative task.

Series Payload Reach Primary Benefit
A-Series 5-9 kg 90 – 120 cm Speed & Accuracy
M-Series 6-15 kg 90 – 170 cm All Rounder
H-Series 20-25 kg 150 – 170 cm Heavy Duty / Payload
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Kawasaki Industrial Robots

Heavy Duty Industrial Robots

Kawasaki Robotics’ diverse range of industrial robots are suited for both entry-level automation tasks and full-factory and manufacturing facility tasks. Kawasaki Robotics has a rich heritage in the automation space as one of the leading manufacturers of industrial robotic arms supplied worldwide. With their portfolio of carefully engineered systems, there exists a perfect robot for your requirements: guaranteed. 

Series Max Payload Max Reach Primary Application
R-Series 80 kg 210 cm All-Rounder
CX-Series 210 kg 170 cm All Rounder
Z-Series 300 kg 320 cm Handling & Palletising
M-Series 1500 kg 400 cm Handling & Palletising
B-Series 300 kg 340 cm Welding
K-Series 25 kg 310 cm Painting
CP-Series 700 kg 220 cm Palletising
Y-Series 3 kg 130 cm Pick & Place
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MiR Autonomous Mobile Robots

The Intralogistics Revolution

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) from MiR are distinctly separate from Automated Guided Vehicles. These robots are able to move completely independent of any in-ground track: got enough space for it to move? It will navigate purely on it’s own. With the combination of autonomous movement and high-payload potential, AMRs have become the answer to solving DC, warehouse, and large facility intralogistics bottlenecks. Capable of using elevators, avoiding any and all impediments (persons, spills, debris, pallet left on the floor, etc) AMRs from MiR are truly without equal.

Model Max Payload Max Speed
MiR100 100 kg 2.0 m/s
MiR200 200 kg 2.0 m/s
MiR250 250 kg 2.0 m/s
MiR500 500 kg 2.0 m/s
MiR1000 1000 kg 1.2 m/s
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