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Robot Models

As Authorised Systems integrator for the world’s leading industrial robot, collaborative robot and end effector manufacturers, Diverseco is able to provide our customer’s the right robot for their robotics automation application.

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Organisations aiming to automate proceses using robotics automation technology need to be aware that a single robot model is unable to meet the requirements of every application, regardless of end effector. For example, the welding robot arms used by large automotive manufacturers possess different features to those robot arms or collaborative robots (cobots) that are used in pick and place applications in a food manufacturing facility.

There are significant differences in the capabilities of each robot model, which include their reach, payload capacity, cycle time and programming requirements, and these need to be matched to the application.

The Difference Between Industrial Robots and Cobots. 

The key difference between industrial robots and collaborative robots (cobots) is that cobots are designed to work collaboratively human workers and are often used to automate processes that are too physically demanding, dangerous or tedious for humans. Cobots are specifically designed to safely share tasks with humans as they have pre-set speeds and torque sensors that enable them to immediately cease activity if they detect any obstruction, such as someone’s arm moving into their pathway.

In contrast, industrial robots automate entire processes almost entirely without human help. Industrial robots are powerful machines that follow a program created by an engineer without regard for people working in close vicinity to them. For this reason, they operate in a safety cage to protect workers in the production environment.

Industrial Robots

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Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

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