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The Importance of Dimensional Data in Order Fulfilment

2019-10-11T08:51:43+10:30 9th October 2019|

Continuing on from the last blog post which outlined why your warehouse needs measurement automation, Bas takes a deeper look at two automation solutions for addressing order fulfilment and how automation (with precision dimensional data provided to it) can improve your fulfilment processes.   Automation Solution 1: Zone Routing The first warehouse automation option is one featuring a ‘simple’ zone routing/skipping conveyor system that services 8 conveyor zones followed by a packing area… Read More

Why Your Warehouse Needs Measurement Automation

2019-12-02T12:12:03+10:30 28th August 2019|

It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon and you’ve got that unmistakable look of excitement on your face. You see the courier you’ve been waiting for walking up to your front door wheeling a trolley loaded with four large boxes and you know what’s inside even before the doorbell rings. Hang on; four boxes, though?  Perhaps he’s delivering to the neighbours as well and doesn’t want to walk back to his van. Three days ago, you ordered four birthday presents for your two kids… Read More