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The Importance of Dimensional Data in Order Fulfilment

2019-10-11T08:51:43+10:30 9th October 2019|

Continuing on from the last blog post which outlined why your warehouse needs measurement automation, Bas takes a deeper look at two automation solutions for addressing order fulfilment and how automation (with precision dimensional data provided to it) can improve your fulfilment processes.   Automation Solution 1: Zone Routing The first warehouse automation option is one featuring a ‘simple’ zone routing/skipping conveyor system that services 8 conveyor zones followed by a packing area… Read More

Should Your Warehouse Start Using a Cubiscan to Dimension SKUs?

2020-01-23T09:37:14+10:30 8th October 2019|

More than ever, Warehouse Management System optimisation modules have the ability to drive efficiencies in warehousing and distribution centre operations. There’s just one catch: first you need a Cubiscan to weigh and cube all of the SKUs! As the Product Manager in Australia and New Zealand for Cubiscan, one of several roles I perform at Diverseco, I’ve had many conversations with supply chain managers and WMS vendors about stock keeping units (SKUs). Lucky you, I hear you say. But, please,… Read More

Is Your LTL Freight Depot Leaking a Million Dollars a Year in Revenue?

2019-10-17T12:42:32+10:30 2nd October 2019|

Every year LTL freight depots around the world leak millions of dollars in revenue because they have not adopted laser-based pallet freight dimensioning systems. Yeah, I said it: A Million Bucks. For sure. And I can prove it. No way, you say. Not us. We run a tight ship around here and always get the freight out on time. We rarely lose or damage an item and we’re great at custody scanning clients’ freight at each step of the way. Yep, our trucks are like the midnight train: they always leave… Read More

Why Your Warehouse Needs Measurement Automation

2019-12-02T12:12:03+10:30 28th August 2019|

It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon and you’ve got that unmistakable look of excitement on your face. You see the courier you’ve been waiting for walking up to your front door wheeling a trolley loaded with four large boxes and you know what’s inside even before the doorbell rings. Hang on; four boxes, though?  Perhaps he’s delivering to the neighbours as well and doesn’t want to walk back to his van. Three days ago, you ordered four birthday presents for your two kids… Read More

Is it Time to Introduce Automated Cubing and Weighing into your Palletised Freight Business?

2020-02-06T09:25:55+10:30 22nd April 2019|

Big money revenue leakage as a result of customers’ mis-declaring the weight and dimensions of their parcels is a core challenge for express freight providers. However, the same also holds true – on an even bigger scale – for many shippers of palletised freight. Increasingly more freight carriers are using the CubiScan 1200 AKL for automated cubing and weighing of their palletised freight.   At first glance it would seem that LCL (less than container load), LTL (less than truck lo… Read More

SCACO Book Significant Orders for Measurement Automation in Dec and Jan

2019-06-26T10:26:26+09:30 5th February 2019|

It has been Ho! Ho! Ho! for the Holiday Season at SCACO! We’re delighted to announce significant orders were booked in December and January for a wide range of measurement automation solutions in both Australia and Singapore. Success in Singapore SCACO’s General Manager Tim Francis says: “We’ve timed our 2018 entry in to Singapore just right. Following on from years of high-level performance and solution delivery experience with Australia’s top logistics companies like Australia Post a… Read More

SCACO Singapore to Exhibit at Supply Chain Logistics Digital Transformation Conference

2019-06-26T10:33:20+09:30 12th November 2018|

SCACO Singapore will be exhibiting the CubiScan 100 and Fully Mobile Trolley system at the upcoming Supply Chain Logistics Digital Transformation and Disruptive Innovation Forum to be held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore on 28-29 November 2018. click on the link above to learn more.         This Singapore Logistics conference brings together senior supply chain logistics industry leaders, influential technologists, and directors from all over the region, for a high profi… Read More

CouriersPlease Chooses Diverseco for Industry Leading Parcel Dimensioning System

2019-11-19T14:12:20+10:30 30th May 2018|

CouriersPlease, a leading parcel delivery expert with nationwide coverage across Australia, and a member of the Singapore Post Group of Companies, has chosen Diverseco as the supplier of new parcel dimensioning, weighing, and scanning equipment at their new Brisbane branch location at Salisbury. Founded in 1983 as a specialised metropolitan parcel delivery business, CouriersPlease is uniquely placed to service Australians through its independently owned Franchisee fleet of couriers. CouriersPlea… Read More

SCACO Are Hiring! Software Programmer or Engineer!

2019-06-26T10:42:59+09:30 17th April 2018|

SCACO, the Brisbane-based, Australian Measurement Automation Company and Systems Integrator are searching for our next superstar employee! Join the dynamic team at SCACO as a software programmer or engineer! SCACO: Australia | NZ | Singapore. At SCACO we’re transforming the Asia Pacific Supply Chain Industry through the provision and support of sophisticated measurement automation technologies, systems, and software that identify, weigh, and dimension millions of freight items and SKUs of all… Read More

Checkweighing of Packed Orders at Dispatch Ensures Quality Control

2019-06-26T10:49:48+09:30 1st November 2017|

If you’re like me and you’ve had an urgent delivery of parts for a breakdown, or time critical job, show up just in the nick of time (yeah!) only to find that some of the parts are missing from the kit (boo!) then you know how frustrating the experience can be. If this has happened to you then it is likely that the parts supplier was not using a SCACO supplied checkweighing solution for quality control at the dispatch area.  Meritor Heavy Vehicle Systems in Melbourne, a supplier of qual… Read More

Diverseco Install 5-Sided Vision Freight Dimensioner System in Record Time

2019-11-07T13:14:25+10:30 30th October 2017|

Do you need an instant, 5-Sided, Vision barcode scanning and freight dimensioner system for parcel freight revenue assurance? Well, we can’t do it instantly, sorry, but Team Diverseco led by Projects Engineer Peter Hickey can do it very quickly indeed! In the fast-paced international parcel airfreight sector time is money. So, this iconic Australian customer wanted their system modifications up and running as soon as technically possible. When the system is complete it will be able to automat… Read More

CubiScan 125 Ultimate Image Gallery

2019-06-26T11:17:29+09:30 29th September 2017|

The CubiScan 125 is the universal measure-almost-anything solution for capturing the weight and dimensions of SKUs in a warehouse and DC and then exporting this data into your host WMS application. Measures LWH dimensions and weight of small to large cartons and boxes as well as tiny to medium size irregular shapes. Measure range for cartons and boxes: 50 x 50 x 50 mm LWH up to 60o x 760 x 900 mm LWH and weight from 2 grams to 25 kgs in 2 gram increments. Measure range for irregular shapes: from… Read More

How Intelligent DC Automation is Redefining SKU Metrics

2020-01-31T10:40:50+10:30 17th July 2017|

Gone are the days of the simple, humble, Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). In the old days, we thought we were sophisticated if, as supply chain managers, our warehouse management system (WMS) knew the length, width, height, and weight of an SKU. But that is so last year. Get with the automation program, people! These days, increasingly intelligent automation is redefining SKU metrics. No longer is mere knowledge of an SKU’s L/W/H and W enough to satisfy the capabilities of super-intelligent WMS and… Read More

Cochrane’s Transport Choose SCACO for Dimensioning Automation

2019-06-26T11:42:43+09:30 8th May 2017|

Cochrane’s, the iconic South Australian transport business founded by owner Peter Cochrane, has chosen to partner with SCACO for their new parcel barcode scanning, weighing, and dimensioning automation system. The Adelaide-based freight business originally took off back in 1974 after Peter landed an important contract for daily distribution of the Women’s Weekly magazine throughout Adelaide. Turns out this contract helped lay the groundwork for future success and enabled Peter to grow the re… Read More

Border Express Invest in CubiScan 1200 Pallet Freight Dimensioners

2019-06-26T11:49:08+09:30 7th March 2017|

Following on from an initial investment in 2016 which saw them commission three CubiScan 1200 AKL XH Pallet Freight Dimensioners, leading logistics company, Border Express, have since ordered an additional four CubiScan units for Sydney, Adelaide and Perth in late 2017 and have then ordered another three units in 2018. This brings the national logistics firm to a grand total of ten units rolled out around five capital cities in Australia. Congratulations Border Express! The CubiScan 1200 AKL, av… Read More

SCACO Parent Diverseco Buys Robotic Technologies Australia

2019-06-26T11:52:36+09:30 8th February 2017|

From a modest industrial building in Willetton, newly rebadged investment company Diverseco has built a substantial national business through a series of targeted acquisitions.  While many businesses batten down the hatches during tough trading times, Brenton Cunningham and his Diverseco team have continuously pursued growth opportunities. Mr Cunningham has recently completed the purchase of Melbourne-based Robotic Technologies Australia, which brings to 10 the number of acquisitions he has com… Read More

All Roads Lead To CubiScan – Call It What You Will

2019-06-26T14:28:29+09:30 31st January 2017|

What’s in a name? A CubiScan is a CubiScan is a CubiScan. That’s right, whether you call it a cub-i-tron or a cub-i-na-tor, or a cub-a-scanner or a pallet-cubic-calculator chances are, when you search on Google for a cubing & weighing solution for your DC or cross-dock, what you are really after is a CubiScan. But if you are a supply chain manager and you haven’t heard of CubiScan don’t blame yourself, blame me. It’s my job to make sure you have heard of the CubiScan – or any… Read More

World Premier! CubiScan 1200 AKL-XH: Extra Height Clearance  

2019-06-26T14:45:08+09:30 4th October 2016|

The CubiScan 1200 AKL is Australia’s best-selling, legal-for-trade, automated solution for dimensioning and weighing palletised freight and larger “ugly” freight items. The Pallet Dimensioning System is used by express freight and logistics businesses to accurately measure the cubic dimensions of all types of freight items in order to determine, in a legal-for-trade manner, the correct charges to apply for the freight movement. The unit takes a digital photo for verification an… Read More

In-Motion Dimension Weigh Scan Ultimate Image Gallery

2019-11-11T10:08:58+10:30 14th September 2016|

When you are Australia’s leading systems integrator specialising in measurement automation (and so much more!) your are, of course, going to design, install, integrate, and support many different in-motion dimension weigh scan (DWS) systems around the country. So, if you are wondering what these sophisticated, revenue assurance, measurement automation systems look like you’ve now hit the jackpot. Below we’ve assembled an image gallery from a very small sample of DWS systems tha… Read More

Something Fishy at the CSIRO!

2019-06-26T15:03:18+09:30 8th September 2016|

We’ve all had a goldfish or two in our time. Some of us even go tropical: large elaborate fish tanks, exotic fish, nifty rocks and watermills, automatic pumps, the whole kit and caboodle. And then there is the CSIRO. Okay, so they’re not exactly the most beautiful fish tanks you’ve ever seen but then this is science! And sometimes science – and in this case the science of a recipe batching control system, is about maximising utility, performance, and control while at the same time mi… Read More

Batch Control Intelligence and Advice from SCACO

2019-06-26T15:07:23+09:30 2nd August 2016|

SCACO are Australia’s leading experts in industrial weighing process automation for applications that require any type of batch control. Process engineers, maintenance engineers, and technical users of all descriptions know they can rely on SCACO for expert advice and world’s best technical hardware and software solutions. For example, SCACO’s German-made Systec IT 8000E Batching Controller with Onscreen Operation for Automatic and Manual Batching of Solid and Liquid Materials at 1… Read More

CubiScan 1200 AKL Pallet Dimensioner: Ultimate Image Gallery

2019-06-26T15:19:45+09:30 28th July 2016|

The CubiScan 1200 AKL is an Australian NMI (and globally) certified legal for trade (LFT) cubic measurement instrument that can incorporate a variety of integrated weighing solutions. It is used by freight companies to determine the correct amount to charge their clients for transporting larger and palletised freight items of almost any shape (ie “ugly’ freight). It takes human error out of the equation and ensures that your charge is accurate, correct, legal for trade, and can be de… Read More

Ravas iForks Solve SOLAS Method 2 Requirement

2019-06-26T15:23:39+09:30 29th June 2016|

The verifiable, legal-for-trade Ravas iForks, available exclusively from SCACO, are the ideal method to solve the new SOLAS method 2 weighing requirements. SOLAS regulations require that as of July 2016 the verified gross weight of containers must be made known before loading them onto a ship. Determining the container weight can be done by weighing the packed container (Method n.1), or by weighing the individual items in the container, earlier in the chain (Method n.2).   The Ravas iforks… Read More

SOLAS Method 2 Weighing Solutions from SCACO

2019-06-26T15:29:56+09:30 28th June 2016|

Every legal-for-trade, verified, weighing solution that SCACO supply can be used to comply with the SOLAS Method 2 requirements. Whether you need or want to use Forklift Scales, Platform Sales, or other NMI verified methods SCACO have a method 2 solution for you.  The changes adopted by the IMO and the AMSA to improve the safety of container shipping movements provide for two methods of weight verification: Method 1 – Weigh the loaded container; or Method 2 – Weigh all contents of the cont… Read More

Which CubiScan Model is Right for You?

2019-06-26T15:49:23+09:30 24th June 2016|

Now that you have decided to supercharge your distribution centre’s warehouse management system with accurate SKU dimensional data let’s review which of the various CubiScan models is right for you.   To get started we first need to answer some fundamental questions: First. Let’s clarify: In your DC, do you want to only Cube & Weigh SKUs as part of an inbound process? Or do you want to Cube & Weigh outgoing parcels and freight items at dispatch? Or, do you want to do b… Read More

In-Motion Axle Weighing Solutions Adopted by Major Multi-National

2019-10-18T11:03:56+10:30 23rd June 2016|

Chain of Responsibility in a serious issue. Freight carriers and Distribution Centres alike are increasingly adopting easy-to-use, un-manned, in-motion axle weighing solutions to manage their NHVR mass management responsibilities. More than any other measurement specialist in Australia, SCACO are at the forefront of new developments that simplify the use of these sophisticated weighing technologies.     SCACO recently partnered with Ultrahawke Weighbridges (… Read More

Let the Blogging Begin! SCACO’s Systems Integration News and Views

2019-06-26T16:24:39+09:30 21st June 2016|

SCACO have now relaunched our website within a word press content management system. This will better enable our staff to upload timely and relevant content to better support the needs and interests of our diverse customer base. When it comes to systems integration we think you can use all of the news you can get! This test piece is officially our first blog post! Nothing too revolutionary to report just now but have a little patience and please continue to watch this space! Above, our GM Tim an… Read More

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