Weighbridge Upgrade Necessitated by Breakdown

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Weighbridge Upgrade Necessitated by Breakdown

2019-06-13T16:15:14+10:30 6th November 2015|

AccuWeigh Queensland recently responded to a weighbridge that had been damaged by lightning at a quarry at Bonville, northern New South Wales. Many of the six load cells were damaged by lightning and, as they were a model of load cell that is becoming increasingly more difficult to source, it was more economical to replace all six load cells with more readily available model of load cell.


AccuWeigh replaced all the load cells, cleaned the deck and foundation, and used its weighbridge test rig unit to reverify the weighbridge, allowing this customer to resume trading operations.

Whether because of a serious weighbridge breakdown or just modernising an older weighbridge, upgrading newer load cells or digital weight indicator can deliver increased site efficiencies to many customers. For example, many modern digital weight indicators have Ethernet, network capabilities and other types of access and communication. They are also relatively inexpensive to older load cells which become harder to source and stock.

AccuWeigh is a major weighbridge service and upgrade company in Australia with fully-staffed weighbridge service and upgrade departments in all mainland states.

For further information on repairs and upgrades of weighbridges, contact AccuWeigh.