Load Cells & Weighing Electronics. The Heart of Every Weighing Device.

Diverseco stocks, integrates and supplies a great range of high quality, reliable and precise analogue and digital load cells and force sensors of all types and models for use in all static and dynamic weighing applications.

We are authorised distributor of Avery Weigh-Tronix, Flintec, Kelba, Rhinstrum Sensortronics Thame Side, Vishay load cells. These are engineered to the highest specifications and include: single point load cells, shear beam load cells, low profile load cells, tank and silo load cells, compression rocker column weighbridge load cells, onboard truck load cells and double-ended beam load cells for use in a wide range of tension and compression applications.

Applications include:

Truck Scales, Track Scales, Hopper Scales, Platform Scales, Checkweighing Scales, Hanging Scales, Mechanical Conversion Scales, Belt Scales, Trade Approved Scales, and Gravimetric Level Measurement in silos. applications

Today, the electronic signals generated by load cells can provide organisations such more than isolated weight data; rather this data can be integrated in real-time into operational processes and will be used to improve the efficiency, productivity, quality and safety operations and will deliver important commercial benefits associated with processes such as: trading, payload control, batching, shipping and receiving and quality control.

Compression Loadcells

AccuWeigh compression loadcell

Diveseco supplies a comprehensive range of compression load cells covering many brands, sizes and mounting arrangements.

Shear Beam Load Cells

AccuWeigh shear beam loadcell

Diverseco supplies a wide range of shearbeam load cells of various brands, maximum capacities and physical sizes.

S Type Loadcell

AccuWeigh S-Type Loadcell

As their name implies, S-type loadcells resemble the letter “S” and are designed to be used in tension (pulling) rather than compression (…

Canister Loadcells

AccuWeigh canister loadcell installed on a weighbridge

Canister load cells are typically used in heavy industrial weighing systems such as weighbridges, platform scales and weigh silos as their rugged cons…

Specialist Applications Load Cells

AccuWeigh double-ended shearbeam loadcell for specialist applications like uneven loads

Diverseco is a load cell supplier with a massive range of loadcells which are specifically used in specialist applications, typically in-motion and of…

Load Cell - Thames Side Sensors

Thames Side Sensors Load Cell

Thames Side Sensors has the ultimate range of load cells, loading assemblies and instrumentation for applications such as tank, silo and vessel weighi…

Flintec Load Cell

AccuCell Load Cell

Available in either analogue or fully digital formats, our range of weighbridge load cells are designed to meet the most demanding truck weighing appl…

A&D Load Cells

A&D Mercury Load Cell

Diverseco supplies a high-quality range of A&D weighing load cells designed to suit all weighing applications.

PT Load Cell

PT - Precision Transducer Load Cell

PT – Precision Transducer – load cells are a great option for a wide variety of weighing applications.