New Foundation for an Old Weighbridge Deck

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New Foundation for an Old Weighbridge Deck

2019-06-13T16:15:17+10:30 9th April 2015|

A recent project completed by AccuWeigh for a well-known civils construction and waste management company was the installation of an older concrete deck in a new foundation at their Maddington site in Western Australia. The client engaged AccuWeigh to complete the installation and verification of the equipment which included the supply and installation of new digital load cells, an AccuWeigh IT3000D digital indicator and two of our Aurora remote weight displays.

Although AccuWeigh has its own civils weighbridge construction division, for this project the customer engaged a civils contractor of their choice to perform the foundation installation. AccuWeigh advised against this as we have witnessed many very costly errors in these constructions by inexperienced civil contractors, the errors usually requiring costly re-work to correct. However, in this case the civils were built correctly ensuring that the installation proceeded as planned.

Once the installation was completed AccuWeigh sent our B Double test truck to site with 35 tonnes of certified masses and our forklift so that we could test the installation to NITP6.1-6.4, being the NMI stipulated testing requirements for trade weighbridges.

Reusing an existing weighbridge deck can be a cost-effective alternative to a completely new weighbridge construction and AccuWeigh is happy to work with our clients to arrive at the best value-for-money solution for them.