SCACO are Australia’s leading experts in industrial weighing process automation for applications that require any type of batch control.

Process engineers, maintenance engineers, and technical users of all descriptions know they can rely on SCACO for expert advice and world’s best technical hardware and software solutions.

For example, SCACO’s German-made Systec IT 8000E Batching Controller with Onscreen Operation for Automatic and Manual Batching of Solid and Liquid Materials at 1 to 4 scales is the ultimate networkable solution for every batch control operation.

The IT 8000E Batch is ideal for automatic weighing of solid and liquid materials in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other similar industries. The technical experts at SCACO can help you at every stage of the consideration process.

Systec IT 8000E terminal image batch control


The controller connects to loadcells or scales of all types and weight ranges, including Ex-area applications.

The IT8000E BATCH is suitable for:

  • Automatic multi-ingredient batchweighing in hoppers, mixers, or tanks,
  • Recipe batchweighing on floor and pit-mounted scales including control of manually added ingredients,
  • Subtractive batchweighing (weighout) from hopper scales

The system controls fast and dribble feed of valves, screw feeders, or similar for up to 31 materials.

Batching sequences are recipe-controlled. Recipes contain functions for automatic or manual weighing, weight tolerance check, operator inputs and synchronization steps.

Batch Control Images & Systec Controller

The batch controller offers functionality to conform with ISO 9001 standards:

  • Accurate fill control through fast signal processing, trend-sensing preact adjustment and weight tolerance control.
  • High operational security through extensive monitoring functions and simple operation via onscreen menus.
  • Operator prompting and permanent indication of status with clearly structured menus on color screen ensure fast and error-free operation and minimum training requirements.
  • Recording of all data in a batch log , totals for raw material usage, production quantities and error reports.

Batch Control Systems

SCACO’s IT8000 E BATCH is designed for both semi-automatic and automatic operations. The system can work as a stand alone batchweighing controller with its own recipe and raw materials database. Or it can be linked to a process control system or PLC with database maintenance and overall process control.

The database can store up to 300 recipes and max of 5000 recipe lines.

In auto batch mode it can manage up to 31 different raw materials.

In manual batch mode it can handle a further 269 materials.

All of this and a variety of other important technical capabilities.

But don’t forget that SCACO’s myself and many of our technical support staff can help you in every stage of the design and supply process and can assist process engineers, OEMs, and re-sellers in all aspects of any type of batch control or industrial weighing application.

So, if you have any questions or need any advice on this or any other industrial weighing application please contact me here at SCACO.


Paul Joachim, Technical Sales Manager