Wipotec-OCS Serialisation Track & Trace World Premiere at the Singapore SAP Leonardo Center

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Wipotec-OCS Serialisation Track & Trace World Premiere at the Singapore SAP Leonardo Center

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On July 17 2019, more than 40 attendees visited the SAP Leonardo Center in Singapore to attend a Serialisation Track & Trace Technology World Premiere.

Drug and pharmaceutical counterfeiting is an urgent global supply chain challenge. For consumers to know that a medicine is genuine, products in the pharmaceutical industry need distinctive drug labelling and counterfeit-proof identification features. That’s exactly what Track and Trace ensures. Pharmacists, for example, can clearly identify the products and can track the transportation of every package end-to-end. This, together with a tamper-evident closure, creates security and confidence.

In Singapore in July 2019 world-leading product inspection manufacturer WIPOTEC-OCS, enterprise software giant SAP, and SAP Track & Trace and Digital Supply Chain Transformation experts Movilitas welcomed visitors with the theme “Best Practices in Pharma Serialisation and how to convey global Track & Trace expertise to other industries. Making use of IoT technologies in industry sectors like cosmetics, chemicals, or food is key to optimizing your supply chain.”

Wipotec-OCS TQS-SP Serialisation Image

Above: Wipotec-OCS TQS – SP, a user-friendly solution for the serialisation of individual cartons

WIPOTEC-OCS demonstrated an aggregation line by printing unique serial numbers on production packages with serial numbers delivered to the machine over a network by SAP ATTP (L4) via the Movilitas.Cloud (L3). When a production batch was complete, the order data was sent back via the Movilitas.Cloud to SAP ATTP and linked with an OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and Blockchain module from SAP. This L1-L5 demonstration showcase is available to visitors from diverse industries in the Asia-Pacific region. The OEE and Blockchain innovations will be very useful for preventive maintenance and linking end users to the lifecycle of products throughout the supply chain.

Click here to watch the five minute application video at Medochemie in Cyprus for their Fast Track Serialisation Solution.

Serialisation Pharma: Meeting the stringent global serialisation requirements

The national regulations on the serialisation of drugs are possibly the most important criteria in the global marketing of pharmaceuticals and other pharmaceutical solutions today. Optimum implementation requires complete and up-to-the-minute knowledge of the relevant obligations for pharma serialisation . A large number of global projects have shown that it is in this context that too often avoidable planning mistakes are made that can often only be corrected later with high expenditure and a large amount of time. This is why it is important to engage with industry and solution experts as early as possible in the serialisation process. Experts like Diverseco and Wipotec-OCS are here to help you.


Above: Demonstrating the Wipotec-OCS TQS-SP: a seriously good serialisation solution

What are the Deadlines for your country?   The EU Falsified Medicines Directive 2011/62/EU stipulates that the manufacturer must provide pharmaceuticals with several safety features as of 9 February 2019. The EU Directive on the serialisation  of Medicinal Products aims to guarantee complete authenticity verification and effectively curb the occurrence of falsified medicinal products on the market. For producers of pharmaceuticals this means that anyone not complying with the requirements for pharma serialisation  will no longer be able to sell medicinal products on the European market as of 2019. mistakes are made that can often only be corrected with high expenditure and a large amount of time. Click here to find out the global roll out deadlines.


Why choose to partner with Wipotec-OCS and Diverseco for your Traceable Quality Systems? 

  • All equipment made in Germany to the highest possible global standards
  • All TQS equipment designed to be precisely fit for purpose – choose from nine unique models
  • All key functions for the Serialisation of drugs in a compact physical area
  • Fastest possible commissioning of the Track & Trace systems within six weekt
  • Smooth integration in existing production lines thanks to open interfaces
  • Lifetime software updates and maintenance free of charge
  • Whole system comes from a single manufacturing in-house source in Germany
  • Industry leading technical support from both Wipotec and Diverseco across all markets.

Click here to learn more about the different Wipotec-OCS systems.

Click here to contact Diverseco  and speak to an applications consultant today.


Story by Rhett Talley, Business Development Manager – Automation