Why hire packaging machinery?

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Why hire packaging machinery?

2019-06-13T16:15:04+10:30 12th July 2017|

Hiring packaging equipment can be a wise business decision – and a growing number of organisations in a variety of different industries are taking advantage of the innovative hire options that are now available.

From the retail, warehousing, food processing and mining industries to agriculture, chemical and the pharmaceutical industries, hiring packaging machinery has become an extremely popular solution.

If you need packaging, filling, bagging and palletising machinery and equipment, you may want to consider hiring as an affordable and practical option.  Here are some of the situations when hiring packaging equipment – be it a single machine or a complete turnkey solution – can be the best way to go:

  • Short-term contracts
  • Breakdown coverage
  • Trialling of equipment or processes to evaluate which best serves your needs
  • Seasonal peaks and temporary overloads
  • Renovation coverage
  • Product launches
  • Cash-flow improvements
  • Overcoming a shortfall in budget expenditure.

In situations such as these, equipment hire can be the most cost-effective solution because it eliminates the need for large capital commitments.   As an example, let’s look at a landscaping company which needs to bag its garden and landscaping products in plastic bags and then seal and palletise them for bulk transport.   They could hire machinery for gross and net bagging as well as hire an automated robot palletiser and stretch wrapper for peak periods when the business is extremely busy – without having to commit to any significant capital outlay.

Importantly, hiring equipment means that you can change or upgrade your equipment as you require.

What’s more, just because the equipment is being hired, it doesn’t have to mean there is any compromise in terms of performance, training, service and support.  You will find that reputable suppliers treat their ‘hire’ and their ‘buy’ customers with equal importance because they recognise that equipment hire has become an extremely popular and very common way of doing business.  They will offer on-site operator training for hire equipment just as they would if you purchased it outright, they’ll have maintenance or service teams on hand to sort out any operational issues and they’ll provide expert advice to help your business achieve its objectives.

AccuPak is Australia’s leading supplier of all types of packaging, filling, bagging and palletising machinery and we are able to hire out any of their extensive range of products, on either short or long-term hire contracts.  For example, their combination multihead weigher and VFFS packaging machine is one of our most frequently hired products as it offers substantial monetary savings on hiring or buying separate pieces of equipment.  This compact machine also requires minimal floor area and at only 2.25 metres high, it offers significant additional height and working area benefits.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of hiring packing equipment, please contact your closest branch.