It’s not every day that our team of vehicle weighing experts get the opportunity to weigh a vehicle like the Aussie Invader. It’s an exciting task and one that we’re all too happy to oblige, as when it comes to assisting a client in their pursuit to break the word land speed record, we’re just delighted to be a part of it!

In achieving these vehicle weighing goals for such an unusually shaped (to our every day operations, of course) vehicle, there really is only one solution that fits the bill. That solution is a set of wheel weigh pads that are truly indifferent to the shape of your vehicle. They are a flexible solution to a wide range of static vehicle weighing applications, and as long as the surface to weigh the vehicle on is flat, and the wheel weigh pads can be positioned under the wheels, the accurate vehicle weight is able to be captured and displayed.

This was the task for our Western Australia team, as the Aussie Invader was weighed before, during, and after fuelling through utilising our Intercomp LP600 Wheel Weigh Pads. Without access to the accurate and highly reliable weight readings that were provided, the Aussie Invader team would not be able to perform the much needed calculations to try and exceed the 1,600+ km/h world land speed record.

We wish the Aussie Invader team the best of luck in their pursuit! You can check out their progress on their website here.

weighing the aussie invader

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