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Waste Not, Want Not

2019-06-13T16:15:08+10:30 12th October 2016|

AccuWeigh’s Western Australian branch recently supplied a drop-centre platform scale to a large commercial cleaner in the greater Perth area. This cleaner services many commercial properties and had a growing need, initially driven by requests from corporate customers, to identify the type and quantity of the waste being collected from their properties.

AccuWeigh’s WA Sales Manager, Jeremy Hembrough, said, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure and there is an increasing environmental responsibility being placed on waste generators and also collectors these days to measure their waste output and to develop ways to minimise it. So, we recommended a drop-centre platform scale that proved ideal for weighing the waste collected wheelie bins and trolleys.

The central weighing area of a drop-centre platform scale is very close to the ground. This means  that various types of trolleys can be easily wheeled on for weighing with little effort or strain by the operator, which presents a distinct occupational health and safety advantage. These types of platform scales are also ideal for laundries, hospitals, morgues, industrial weighing and many other industries.

Because of this client’s need to classify the waste and store the weighing and classification data, AccuWeigh provided an AccuWeigh IT6000E intelligent weighing controller with custom software, developed in-house by AccuWeigh programmers, to work with the drop-centre platform scale.

The IT6000E weighing controller is a highly programmable digital indicator with exceptional connectivity options, such as RS232, RS422, RS485, Ethernet and USB, that allow it to connect and communicate to other devices and networks.

This device was connected to a network via Ethernet and provided with a fixed IP address, enabling the client to remotely access the weighing controller and its data to generate reports and invoices for their clients.

AccuWeigh also supplied a barcode reader which enabled quick capture of the bin number and completely eliminates manual data entry errors.

This project is an excellent example of how AccuWeigh can provide a weighing solution to perfectly fit each client’s needs to increase business efficiency, productivity and profits.

To learn more about our drop-centre platform scales, visit here: http://diverseco.com.au/weighing/weighing-scales/stainless-steel-floor-scales.php. And to learn more about our intelligent weighing controller range, including the IT6000E, visit here: http://diverseco.com.au/weighing/weighing-terminals/.