TruckWeigh Onboard Weighing System for Asphalt Dispensing Vehicle

>TruckWeigh Onboard Weighing System for Asphalt Dispensing Vehicle

TruckWeigh Onboard Weighing System for Asphalt Dispensing Vehicle

2019-06-13T16:15:16+09:30 23rd July 2015|

AccuOnboard has installed another one of its TruckWeigh overload protection weighing systems to an asphalt dispensing vehicle for a prominent Queensland manufacturer of road maintenance plant. The asphalt truck itself was purchased by a South-East Queensland local council for use with typical road maintenance.

Many local councils and State governments are very strong with complying with chain of responsibility legislation and meeting their obligations of health and safety towards their workers and the community, and therefore find our TruckWeigh onboard vehicle weighing system a cost-effective and reliable way to ensure that their vehicles’ gross and axle loads are not overloaded and therefore safe to use on our roads.

Correct axle loading also prolongs the life of vehicles (through less tyre and suspension wear and tear), which is essential to controlling costs, especially for companies that manage a fleet of vehicles such as councils and transport companies.

AccuOnboard also provides all the peripherals and connectivity options to allow gross and axle loads to be monitored locally at the vehicle or remotely at a head office. TruckWeigh is exceptionally versatile and is capable of being installed on small commercial vehicles all the way up to full-length road trains.

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