Six Chlorine Drum Scales for City Council

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Six Chlorine Drum Scales for City Council

2019-06-13T16:15:17+09:30 29th April 2015|

AccuWeigh recently sold another six Chlorine Drum Scales to a city council north of Sydney, increasing its number of Chlorine Drum Scales in use and expanding its ability to meter chlorine in to water supplies and large swimming pools.


These drum weighing scales are fitted with an AccuWeigh IT1000 digital weight indicator which is housed in a stainless steel enclosure and all cabling is protected within stainless steel conduit, due to the corrosive nature of chlorine.

The IT1000 digital indicator is an economical yet very versatile indicator model and was chosen for its ability to monitor the rate of chlorine usage, as well as the residual amount of chlorine in the tank to output an alarm when the chlorine levels are getting low.

AccuWeigh has significant experience in Tank Scale manufacturing with numerous installations around Australia. Tank and Drum Scales are available in a variety of capacities to weigh even the largest of tanks. Available finishes includes powder coated, galvanised or stainless steel.

Most Tank Scales are fitted with digital weight indicators outputting a 4-20mA output to a PLC for controlling the output of chlorine but serial outputs are also available for networked installations.

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