RTA, alongside our sister Diverseco company AccuPak, is excited to be exhibiting a state-of-the-art Kawasaki duAro collaborative robot (cobot) at AUSPACK 2019.
Being able to work alongside humans, often without the need for safety guarding, cobots open vast new applications for robot technology.
The duAro cobot that RTA will be showcasing at stand C220 is a remarkable piece of robotic automation. It can be easily integrated into existing production environments, and the tasks it can perform on a production line are wide-ranging.
Occupying only a space equal to one person, it has a similar working range to humans and has low-power motors and a speed-reducing function that helps the duAro to coexist with people in customers’ work operations.
The dual-arm cobot is controlled by a single controller which makes it possible to perform coordinated movement, and direct teaching methods can be used to teach the cobot required movements by holding and moving the arms rather than having to program them.
And the wheeled base on which the arms are placed accommodates the controller. This enables the user to move the robot together with its base to any desired location.
As the Australian Authorised System Integrator for Kawasaki Robotics, the team at RTA welcome any questions you may have about integrating duAro cobots into your operation.
And, if you’re attending AUSPACK 2019, visit us on stand #C200 to discover more about the duAro’s capabilities and take time to talk with our team of experts in person.