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Ravas iForks Solve SOLAS Method 2 Requirement

2019-06-26T15:23:39+10:30 29th June 2016|

The verifiable, legal-for-trade Ravas iForks, available exclusively from SCACO, are the ideal method to solve the new SOLAS method 2 weighing requirements.

SOLAS regulations require that as of July 2016 the verified gross weight of containers must be made known before loading them onto a ship. Determining the container weight can be done by weighing the packed container (Method n.1), or by weighing the individual items in the container, earlier in the chain (Method n.2).

Solas Ravas Forklift loading a container

The legal for trade SOLAS Solution Ravas iForks loading a container.


Solas Ravas software pic

SOLAS Solution software exports weight data to PDA

The Ravas iforks with their patented load cell technology and advance wireless data communication capabilities are the perfect method 2 solution. Why? Because they have been certified for legal for trade use by the Australian NMI! Accurate to 2 kilograms the iforks offer unmatched precision!

Solas Method 2 Solution iForks on ForkLift Truck

SOLAS Solution Ravas iForks

SCACO supply the iForks pre-calibrated and pre-verified for legal for trade use. Depending on your forklift type and the way in which it is powered, with a bit of forward planning you can be up and running in no time. And, with a spare set of rechargeable battery packs you can ensure the Ravas iForks remain in constant operation throughout the day.

Each of the scale forks communicate the item weight vto the weight indicator in the cabin via Bluetooth.. The weighing system is powered by robust, exchangeable battery modules. All electronics and power components are exclusively developed by RAVAS for the iForks concept. This is why they are both resistant to rough use and also extremely compact!

The fork dimensions (w x h = 5.25 x 2.4 inch) are very similar to those of standard lift truck forks ensuring that the user does not loose any handling performance.

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Rhett Talley, Marketing & Business Development Manager