Port Connect Gets a Weighbridge

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Port Connect Gets a Weighbridge

2019-06-13T16:15:21+09:30 1st October 2014|

AccuWeigh Queensland has finalised the installation of a 5m long by 4.5m wide, fully in-ground weighbridge designed to weigh axle loads for transport compliance of vehicles travelling Brisbane’s Port Connect Motorway, which connects the Port of Brisbane with the Gateway Motorway. The weighbridge is owned and operated by the Queensland Department of Transport and ensures vehicles using the Port Connect Motorway are not overloaded, which, among other reasons, ensures the Motorway’s predicted lifespan is realised.


Being a weighbridge located adjacent to a public motorway, weighbridge security is paramount and AccuWeigh has a long history in supplying weighbridges to various roads and transport authorities throughout Australia. In fact, AccuWeigh is often a preferred supplier to many authorities because of this experience.

Digital load cells, as opposed to analogue load cells, were selected for this installation to allow calibration to be performed without the need to enter the weighbridge pit, which saves service time and avoids working in a confined space. All calibration is performed using the AccuWeigh model IT3000D digital weight indicator, located in a secure office.


For the convenience of Transport Compliance Officers, a remote display is mounted on a repositionable trolley which shows the weighbridge weight clearly and accurately. The remote display is connected to a discretely positioned communications box under the office, and allows the remote display to be disconnected and stored in the office when not in use.

The weighbridge deck’s dimensions and its 30t capacity by 10kg increments ensure the weighbridge will accommodate all expected vehicle types with ease. In the pit, the weighbridge deck is a more robust design than the average weighbridge and this is another reason why AccuWeigh is a preferred supplier for transport compliance weighbridges.