Why Pallet Scales Are Essential in the Freight Industry

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Why Pallet Scales Are Essential in the Freight Industry

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Australia’s freight industry is an important component of the national economy, accounting for around 10% of GDP and playing a key role in supporting both public and private sector operations.

In recent times, one of the key drivers of growth and success in this essential industry has been the ability of freight and logistics companies to really understand their customers’ needs and to respond with advanced logistics solutions.

This has largely come about through the integration of advanced software systems with many models of weighing equipment. The industry relies on weighing equipment for a number of reasons, including the fact that the correct loading of vehicles is essential from a safety, regulatory compliance, cost management and operational efficiency perspective. Freight companies are now interfacing their IT systems with their weighing systems to significantly improve and add value to their own business operations and at the same time, empower their customers.

Pallet scales are a good example of how weighing equipment and software make for a powerful combination – and why more and more businesses in the freight industry are using these versatile, robust yet highly sensitive and precise devices to enhance their operations.
No freight company can afford inaccurate weight readings of pallets. This can lead to incorrect invoicing, discrepancies and complaints, non-compliance with regulatory protocols (such as the new SOLAS requirements), safety issues, overloading and underloading, loss of productivity and so on – which is why pallet scales are such an indispensable item in a freight operation.
They enable precise weighing of pallet loads – even in challenging warehouse conditions – so that there’s no variance between the stated weight and the actual weight of any freight. These rugged yet precise devices offer a versatile solution to a weighing challenge, plus they make it possible to collect and synchronise other tracking data in real time.

They come in a variety of different models and types to suit every application and can be customised to suit individual operations.
Here’s a snapshot of the benefits of pallet scales in the freight industry:
1. Convenient
2. Save time
3. Reduce labour costs
4. Versatile
5. Robust
6. Full data integration
6. Can weigh extra long or oversized goods
7. Can be customised for individual operations
8. Improves safety
9. Performance won’t be compromised even with continuous use
10. Enables accurate billing, tracking etc