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Onboard Weighing Solutions for the Waste Industry

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Weight is a crucial piece of information for any business in the waste industry. Product needs to be weighed at every stage of your operation, and for a business to thrive, it needs efficient, reliable and integrated weighing systems. Give your business the edge by embracing technology and the latest onboard weighing solutions to make your business as profitable as possible. If you don’t, you may find yourself lagging behind your competitors.

Accurate bin weighing

Did you know onboard weighing solutions can operate to 99% accuracy? Modern scales can display a load’s tare, gross and payload weight with a 1% or better variance. Getting more accurate weight readings brings you a truckload of benefits:

  • You can price outgoing loads accurately
  • Verify your incoming loads and pickup loads on the spot
  • Maximise your payload by loading more efficiently and precisely
  • Reduced risk of overloading

Many business owners find there are other benefits unique to their operation. For example, if you service commercial dumpster regularly, you can weigh your customer’s containers at the point of pickup. Using this accurate weight data means you can then work out when you should schedule the next collection, and how often the customer will need pickups.

Data interface to third party systems

The data from your vehicle’s daily transactions can be downloaded to a central computer at the end of each day. You can use this data for billing, management reporting, and historical tracking of your customer’s container weights.

Many operators find that downloading and analysing their onboard weight data gives them a better grasp of their business. Once you have a more exact picture of your costs and revenue, you’ll know how to charge more accurately for your services. Not only does this make your business more efficient, but it also means you can bid more competitively for new business.

Charge-by weight systems

A particularly useful technology for the waste and recycling industry is charge-by-weight systems. These are onboard weighing systems that include a legal-for-trade system for invoicing at the point of collection. This means your driver can perform trade invoicing directly from the truck’s cab – saving your business time and effort.

Minimise your risk of overloading and fines

Onboard weighing solutions help you reduce the risk of overloading. This is important because overloaded vehicles pose a safety risk. They are more difficult to steer and require additional braking distance when they’re on the road. An overloaded vehicle can also be expensive – according to Chain of Responsibility laws in Australia, you could be fined if you don’t load your vehicles safely within legal limits. Because onboard scales are more accurate, they help you avoid the risk of overloading. Some scales also feature overload alarms to alert drivers if they’re loading too much.

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