New, State-of-the-Art Batching System for Iconic Brewery

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New, State-of-the-Art Batching System for Iconic Brewery

2019-06-13T16:15:00+09:30 16th March 2018|

Anyone involved in manufacturing will appreciate the important role that weighing technology plays at critical control points and how it has evolved to enable organisations to achieve their commercial goals and stay competitive.

The major changes in weighing are highlighted in the way data is now collected, distributed and used.

The team at AccuWeigh understand that weighing provides so much more than isolated weight data. Rather, the effective use of this data brings important commercial benefits when it is integrated in real time into operational and manufacturing processes, such as those described in the following batching application.

AccuWeigh recently installed and commissioning a new, state-of-the-art batching system for Castlemaine Perkins’ brewery. The batching system includes four stainless steel weigh hoppers, each capable of holding 100-200kg of a variety of hops, which are connected to AccuWeigh’s IT8000E intelligent weighing terminal.

The IT8000E is fitted with an expansion ADM card which allows it to connect directly to all four weigh hoppers, plus a fifth existing hopper, the mixing hopper, which all new hoppers feed in to.

Software specifically written for this application outputs the weight readings from the weighing system to the brewery’s SCADA system via Profibus communications.

The batching system is used to make blends based on weight of hops in the recipes for some of its smaller production craft beers, and eliminates previous production methods that employed manual handling processes. The removal of manual handling also makes the production process safer and more efficient.

In a demonstration of the company’s commitment to quality and efficiency, the weigh hoppers were designed with support platforms mounted above them to support test weights to assist with the calibration process.

AccuWeigh is a preferred supplier to many iconic companies around Australia, and we encourage you to talk with us about your requirements and how we can improve the effectiveness, profitability and safety of your operations use weighing systems.