National Transport Company Uses the PT300 Wheel Weighing Pads

>National Transport Company Uses the PT300 Wheel Weighing Pads

National Transport Company Uses the PT300 Wheel Weighing Pads

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A long-term customer for our hire wheel pads, a national transport company has recently ordered and received their new set of Intercomp PT300 series wheel pads. The PT300 series is a low cost, high performance wheel pad system enabling wheel and axle group weighing for purposes such as Chain of Responsibility weight compliance.

The PT300 series have additional features compared to other products in the market including items such as inbuilt solar panels for operation extension plus inbuilt wireless communications that enables up to 6 units to be interconnected with a total weight display, or up to 16 units via the optional control systems.

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Optional data collection and printing systems are also available. These systems have been developed to reduce incorrect data errors through incorrect manual recording of the weighing results. The PT300 series is robust for a long service life in demanding applications. Many of our customers are purchasing these wheel pads to ensure they are in compliance with the relevant parts of Chain of Responsibility legislation.

Of course, being predominant constructed of cast aluminium, they are light-weight and can be easily transported from site to site.

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