How Truck Scales Streamline Your Logistics

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How Truck Scales Streamline Your Logistics

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Logistics and transportation play a critical role in the success of many types of businesses, yet the area doesn’t always get the appropriate levels of investment for it to deliver optimum returns.

In order to streamline their shipping and logistics, business owners should consider investing in truck scales – which deliver a range of benefits that provide substantial ROI in the long-term.

Truck scales can be in the form of either on-board truck scales or weighbridge truck scales, depending on the specific needs of the operation. In either case, they deliver the following benefits:


Highly sensitive load cells guarantee reliable weight calculations with pinpoint accuracy. This ensures that vehicles are correctly loaded and costly financial penalties avoided, plus it means there are no ambiguities when it comes to accurate billing and invoicing.


Advanced software capabilities mean that weight measurements and other data can be compiled more quickly and more efficiently. Moreover, the system can be integrated with other software and customised to provide comprehensive value-added information for customers and operators.


Truck scales and weighbridges optimise the whole measurement process and together with intuitive software, they take logistics to the next level. Data from the weighing device can be imported automatically into the operation’s internal systems, which results in faster and more accurate accounting and data processing. All of this is done in real-time which streamlines the whole logistics and shipping process.

Reduce errors

Since the weighbridge software can be fully integrated into a business’s own internal systems without user intervention, the likelihood of operator input error is all but eliminated.

Customised design

Truck scales and weighbridges can be designed to suit each unique application. For example, portable truck scales can be quickly and easily disassembled and weighbridges can be tailor-made to streamline vehicle entry and exit and manage traffic flow optimally in order to expedite the weighing process.

Remote operation

An unattended weighbridge can also significantly reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Information can be gathered without the need for an operator, plus the weighbridge can operate for extended hours (even 24/7 if necessary).

Truck scales and weighbridges are a valuable asset to a company’s operations across many different industries, delivering a range of benefits that enable the whole shipping and logistics process to be streamlined and enhanced. Costs are brought down, efficiencies and productivity improved, safety and outputs increased and accounting accuracy enhanced.

It is important to make the right supplier choices when assessing and selecting weighing equipment and software systems. Efficient integration is key to the success of the system – and you should be mindful of the supplier’s experience and expertise in matching your specific needs to the weighing system and software’s capabilities.

There is one supplier that you can count on to deliver professional advice, based on their many years of industry experience including the installation of over 1000 weighbridges of all sizes and capacities throughout Australia, and that is AccuWeigh. They offer a wide range of portable weighbridges, axle weighbridges and in-motion axle weighbridges customised to their clients’ requirements and have fully trained weighbridge crews and weighbridge test trucks in all mainland states. Contact them on 08 9259 5535 or via their website,