How to choose the right bulk bag filling equipment

>How to choose the right bulk bag filling equipment

How to choose the right bulk bag filling equipment

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The scale and scope of bulk packaging equipment has expanded hugely in recent years and a variety of specialised equipment options are now available which can be installed as standalone units or integrated with ancillary equipment along the production line.

If you are considering buying bulk bag filling equipment or are looking to upgrade or integrate your existing system, it’s important to choose carefully. The market is diverse and there are many different combinations of equipment available, so to ensure the longevity and sustainability of your investment, it’s wise to spend a little time investigating all the various options.

Here are some guidelines on choosing the right bulk bag filling equipment:

What product/s need to be bagged?

There are different solutions for various types of product, such as free and semi-free flowing products (such as grains, seeds and pellets), viscous, floury, granulated, dry, lumpy, crushed or powdered products. No matter how unique or unusual your product is, there are manufacturers who will be able to supply the appropriate bulk filling solution.

What size bags need to be filled?

Bulk bag fillers generally come in standard sizes, but again, an experienced supplier will be able to custom design a solution to meet your specific needs. Bags of any sizecan be filled using these specialised machines. Automated functionality enables bags to be filled to specific weight or volume requirements and ensure that bags aren’t being over or under-filled.


Always ensure that the bulk bag filling equipment that you source has the capacity to support your future growth or can be easily upgraded or expanded to meet your changing needs.


You should decide on your desired level of automation when you’re investigating bulk filling systems. For example, do you want a manual system, one which has limited operator interaction or a fully automated system?

Ancillary equipment

Even through bulk bag filling solutions can be totally automated, there will always be a need for some auxiliary equipment. Depending on the size of your operation, you may need forklifts or other lifting vehicles, conveyor systems etc. which will all need to be factored into the total bulk filling solution.

Turnkey packaging line solutions

Not all turnkey packaging lines are equal, and some are merely hybrid compilations of a variety of different makes and models of equipment which don’t always integrate well. Choose your supplier carefully and make sure that your turnkey solution works seamlessly and has been specifically designed and developed to meet your operational criteria.

Environmental considerations

Dust, noise, machinery vibrations and energy consumption are just some of the factors that need to be considered from an environmental perspective as well as from a workplace health and safety perspective – so take care before you commit to any equipment. You may want to consider optional equipment that will help meet your needs such as a dust extraction system, a bag compressor etc.


Make sure your system is as safe as possible. For example, ask yourself, does it have safety interlocks which protect workers from moving equipment?

Technical support

With such a variety of bulk filling options available, it can be tempting to choose the lowest cost model. While such a system may fulfil your requirements at face-value, it’s crucial to take a longer term view. What happens if you need technical support? Are spare parts readily available? What happens if you need repairs done?

Modern bulk bag filling systems can be customised to suit virtually any application and it’s best to get identify your specific requirements when you’re trying to finalise your equipment purchase.

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