Why Hire A Portable Weighbridge?

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Why Hire A Portable Weighbridge?

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Portable weighbridges have been proven to be very effective in many different industries and situations and particularly in remote locations, areas which aren’t suitable for the pouring of a concrete slab as well as on temporary sites.

More and more companies are not only discovering the advantage of portable weighbridges, they’re also learning that it can sometimes be more cost-effective to hire these systems rather than purchase them outright.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the key benefits of hiring a portable weighbridge.

On demand

A hired weighbridge can be installed when and where a company needs it and, once their requirements have been fulfilled, the system can be returned to the supplier.

No costly foundations

Technological advancements and innovative design have led to the construction of lightweight portable weighbridges that require little, or sometimes even no, foundation work.  Hiring one of these lightweight yet robust systems can make sound financial sense for companies that may not have the capital for a permanent weighbridge installation involving civil works.


Hiring a portable weighbridge can also result in cost savings because vehicles don’t have to be driven to the nearest weighbridge location.  Weighing can be done onsite, saving both time and money.

Suits individual needs

Hiring a mobile weighbridge is the ideal solution for sites which are temporary, for example those found in the mining, forestry, agricultural and construction industries.  The flexibility of a hire contract means the weighbridge can be installed when and where the customer needs it, and the customer can use the system for as long as it’s required and then either terminate the contract when the site is no longer being used or move the mobile system to another location.

Flexible terms

Many companies that hire mobile weighbridges and other types of product inspection equipment can structure the terms of the contract to suit the client’s individual needs, whether it’s for short or long-term hire, fixed periods or flexible terms – even weekly hire – which gives the customer greater flexibility and financial freedom.


Some weighbridge suppliers also hire out mobile equipment for trialling purposes, which allows the customer to test the right product for a particular application without having to outlay significant capital on a permanent structure upfront.

No compromise on quality

Hiring a portable weighbridge doesn’t mean compromising on quality.  On the contrary.  Hiring a system from a reputable company combines all the benefits of their experience and expertise with the flexibility of a hire contract.  Hire packages also often include full installation, calibration, certification, commissioning and even training.

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