Four TruckWeigh Systems for South East Queensland Council

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Four TruckWeigh Systems for South East Queensland Council

2019-06-13T16:15:09+10:30 3rd July 2016|

AccuOnboard recently supplied and fitted its popular TruckWeigh overload vehicle weighing system to four dump truck and dog trailers (truck and dogs) for a South-East Queensland City Council. The TruckWeigh system will ensure that the Council meets its Chain of Responsibility and Work Health and Safety obligations towards its employees and the public.

It does this by alerting the driver, via a digital display mounted in the cab of the vehicle, when an axle group is overloaded. Through this display, the driver can view live axle load readings and quickly identify when an axle load is approaching its load limit while it is being loaded with road construction materials at the quarry.

Real-time readings minimise the time the driver needs to spend on site at the quarry by eliminating the need for the driver to return to the site to adjust the load after realising that axel loads have been exceeded when weighing the vehicle at a weighbridge. A properly loaded vehicle also reduces excessive wear and tear on the vehicle and on the public roads.

While TruckWeigh is not as accurate as a full-length weighbridge, it is accurate to within ±3% of full scale capacity – which is more than sufficient to ensure optimally-loaded vehicles leave site. It achieves this accuracy through the use of precision sensors that can either measure the deflection in spring suspension or changes to air pressure for air suspension as loads are applied.

AccuOnboard’s TruckWeigh overload protection system can be fitted to virtually any type and size of vehicle, either from new or retrofitted to older vehicles. AccuWeigh also offers an extended range of other vehicle weighing products and accessories designed to make the life of fleet owners easier and more rewarding. Learn more about our extended range of onboard vehicle weighing products here.