Explosion Area Scale Supplied to Kleenheat Gas

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Explosion Area Scale Supplied to Kleenheat Gas

2019-06-13T16:15:22+09:30 24th September 2014|

An AccuWeigh model AWP-60 platform floor scale was recently supplied to Kleenheat Gas in Brisbane to weigh gas bottles during filling. The digital scale, with an overall capacity of 60kg, provides the operator with a clear weight reading during filling and helps the operator fill the bottle to the optimum target weight.

Due to the flammable nature of the gas, which makes the filling area a hazardous zone, the AWP-60 was chosen due to its operation using 9VDC. This enabled an intrinsically safe DC power supply to be used to eliminate the chance of electrical sparks which could otherwise ignite the gas.


As part of the supply, AccuWeigh also certified the AWP-60 making it legal for trade use and therefore legal for Kleeheat to charge their customers based on the floor scale’s weight reading. Trade use platform scales must meet strict pattern approval and weighing accuracy criteria and must be certified by a National Measurement Institute authorised weighing company, such as AccuWeigh.

Key features of the AWP-60 include:

  • IP-68 Dust and Water-Proof (Submersible)
  • Super-Sized LCD with 39mm High Digits
  • High-Speed Stabilisation of 1 Second
  • Stainless Steel Weighing Pan and Base Frame
  • Water-Proof and Corrosion-Resistant Loadcell (Aluminium Anodized and Coated with Epoxy Resin with Protective Silicon Over Wiring
  • Quick USB Interface (Cables Not Included) and RS-232C + Comparator Relay Output Available as Options

AccuWeigh has supplied many intrinsically safe weighing equipment and weighing systems in the past to various companies that have some of their operations based in a hazardous zone.