Complete Weighbridge System for a New WA Landfill

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Complete Weighbridge System for a New WA Landfill

2019-06-13T16:15:17+10:30 15th April 2015|

A long standing customer of AccuWeigh’s West Australian branch recently purchased a vehicle weighing solution for their new landfill facility in North Bannister, WA. Comprising a 30m long Australian-made concrete infill weighbridge to be used in both directions, the solution also included full unmanned and manned operation with a master facility in the site office coupled to dual weighbridge driver control stations running our Ticket Aid Pro + weighbridge software, for inbound and outbound traffic.

The solution also includes our CCTV camera system taking images of the vehicle being weighed which is then stored in the Ticket Aid Pro + data base against the weighing transaction. The driver control stations, mounted inside lockable enclosures on the walkways, incorporate touchscreen panels as the driver interface and a ticketing system that prints the required data to a weighbridge ticket.

Specific changes to the Ticket Aid Pro + software enable reports to be generated in a form that is directly transferrable into the companies accounting software, removing the need for additional data entry and issues from human error.

AccuWeigh specialises in scales and weighing systems for transport and freight because we have access to a large range of equipment and we have experience in connecting them all together to provide the customer with the most effective solution for the site. Many of our competitors can only provide out-of-the-box solutions which are often limiting and not suitable for future expansion or change.

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