AccuWeigh provides Boral with bridges to a better operation

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AccuWeigh provides Boral with bridges to a better operation

2019-06-13T16:15:00+09:30 22nd March 2018|

AccuWeigh recently commissioned two quad-deck weighbridges at Boral’s ‘mega quarry’ at Ormeau, south of Brisbane.

The 28 m long weighbridges enable the quarry to legally weigh vehicles, including B-Doubles, and efficiently process a large number of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) each day.

The weighbridges provide Boral with essential technology at its Ormeau Quarry operation. As part of the company’s stringent safety management system, the weighbridges are used as critical control points to prevent vehicles leaving the site being overloaded, and so provide a valuable contribution towards meeting the company’s Chain of Responsibility mass management obligations.

The weighbridges also enable Boral to accurately charge cartage fees and maximise vehicle payloads.

The semi-automated weighing process increases vehicle throughput by reducing vehicle processing times at this high traffic site.

A third weighbridge, already owned by the quarry, was relocated by AccuWeigh to another location on the site to enable Boral to obtain the unloaded weight of HGVs on entry to the site, as required.

AccuWeigh co-ordinated the civil construction and provided the customer with all essential peripheral equipment, including powerful five-tier remote displays (one display per deck and a fifth display for the total weight).

Furthermore, Accuweigh ensured seamless integration of weight data and associated information with Boral’s despatch management system, where all jobs are pre-programmed and drivers are automatically issued dockets on exit with minimal of truck operator involvement.

The Boral site is in the heart of upmarket residential development and so is subject to strict conditions of use, which include the times of operation and EPA requirements. Therefore, the weighbridges need to accommodate high throughput during busy periods. For this reason, the weighbridges provide high-speed weighing while addressing the company’s Duty of Care requirements.

In a drive to remove track-out ¾ that is potentially hazardous material build-up, such as stones, on vehicles wheels, axles and tyres ¾ AccuWeigh also supplied Boral a wheel wash bath. This and another wheel bath already owned by the quarry were integrated with weighbridges operations. By removing track-out, these wheel washes enable Boral to safeguard the general public, protect brand reputation and also cut costs associated employees having to hose down the vehicles.