AccuWeigh Makes an Impact at a Newcastle Quarry

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AccuWeigh Makes an Impact at a Newcastle Quarry

2019-06-13T16:15:19+10:30 24th November 2014|

Two impact weighers and a belt weigher were recently sold to and commissioned for a Quarry at Seaham, north of Newcastle. The installation and commissioning was performed by two highly trained and skilled AccuWeigh technicians.


Although most people are familiar with belt weighers, which measure the flow rate of material as it passes over them on a conveyor belt, impact weighers are not as well known. Impact weighers can be thought of flow meters for dry, solid materials, rather than for liquids.

Impact weighers are suited to:

  • sites and areas with limited available space,
  • dry, solid materials (difficult materials which are not easily weighed by other means),
  • relatively consistent material flow rate which don’t vary a lot, and
  • enclosed material handling systems which would otherwise produce a lot of dust.


This quarry uses the two impact weighers to blend flyash and cement in a certain ratio and, when combined with gravel that is measured by the belt weigher, produces a product that is especially useful for the construction of roads.

Weighing and quantifying material is very important to many blending processes, not only to produce reliable and repeatable blends but also to produce statistical data for analysis or reporting purposes.

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