AccuWeigh Donates $1,000 Towards the Welfare of Men’s Health

>AccuWeigh Donates $1,000 Towards the Welfare of Men’s Health

AccuWeigh Donates $1,000 Towards the Welfare of Men’s Health

2019-06-13T16:15:08+09:30 12th October 2016|


AccuWeigh Queensland recently donated $1,000 to the Movember Foundation as part of it’s a Higher Cause charity initiative.

While the Movember Foundation is best known for raising of awareness of men’s health issues throughout the month of October, through the growing of moustaches, the Foundation works tirelessly all-year round.

AccuWeigh employs a fair number of male employees across all our six branches, with the work that the Movember Foundation performs resonating with many of them. Additionally, AccuWeigh seeks to overcome the stereo-typical, Australian-male attitude to ignore health problems and soldier on in front of our co-workers.

AccuWeigh also seeks to instil in our young employees, at a very early stage, the value of good health and an ownership of responsibility for their health, which includes health and safety at the work place.

To learn more about the work of the Movember Foundation, visit here: To learn about AccuWeigh’s dedication to donating back to the communities in which we work through our A Higher Cause charity initiative, visit here: