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Waste Robotics – Frequently Asked Questions

2020-05-15T10:00:43+09:30 12th May 2020|

The waste management and recycling industry has seen an increase in the adoption of automated recycling and waste management systems. These systems are revolutionising these industries through a combination of intelligent AI vision and robot arms. We’ve put together a list of the most common frequently asked questions to assist you in learning about these fantastic systems. How much is your robot? Waste Robotics designs robotic sorting systems specifically adapted for the application.  A… Read More

Onboard Weighing Solutions for the Waste Industry

2020-01-17T13:38:06+09:30 1st October 2017|

Weight is a crucial piece of information for any business in the waste industry. Product needs to be weighed at every stage of your operation, and for a business to thrive, it needs efficient, reliable and integrated weighing systems. Give your business the edge by embracing technology and the latest onboard weighing solutions to make your business as profitable as possible. If you don’t, you may find yourself lagging behind your competitors. Accurate bin weighing Did you know onboard weighing… Read More

Why Every Waste Collection Vehicle Needs WasteWeigh

2019-06-13T16:15:05+09:30 6th June 2017|

The issues of waste collection and recycling present a growing challenge to industry and regulators as well as the wider community, and more and more focus is being placed on weight data as an important asset when it comes to managing these challenges. Weight data – which includes information about the amount of waste or garbage that has been collected, information about the recovery of various materials and information about the disposal of the waste – can be of enormous help to was… Read More