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Why Every Waste Collection Vehicle Needs WasteWeigh

2019-06-13T16:15:05+10:30 6th June 2017|

The issues of waste collection and recycling present a growing challenge to industry and regulators as well as the wider community, and more and more focus is being placed on weight data as an important asset when it comes to managing these challenges.

Weight data – which includes information about the amount of waste or garbage that has been collected, information about the recovery of various materials and information about the disposal of the waste – can be of enormous help to waste collection and waste management companies from both a legislative compliance perspective as well as from an operational efficiency perspective.

Basically, the collection of information about the collection and disposal of weight has become a key business imperative, and that’s why every waste collection vehicle, be it for commercial waste, residential waste, hazardous waste, green waste and so on, needs a WasteWeigh onboard weighing system.

WasteWeigh is a fully integrated onboard vehicle weighing system that has been specifically designed to perfectly fit waste collection vehicles. It uses a load cell-based weighing system which enables high accuracy and can be trade approved for invoicing purposes.

But why should every waste collection vehicle have WasteWeigh? Well, let’s investigate some of the benefits that make the technology a ‘must-have’.

  • Improved payload control
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Sophisticated software produces detailed, tailor-made management reports
  • Ensures legal compliance
  • Accurate billing
  • Generates the required Government landfill levy charges
  • Enables health, safety and environmental compliance
  • Enhances materials recovery
  • Provides solutions for overload prevention
  • Enables bin weighing
  • Controls over-compaction for recycled weights
  • Allows data interfacing to third party management systems
  • Enables charge-by-weight systems

An onboard vehicle weighing system can also help companies become more profitable. It provides valuable information which can lead to improved fleet management practices and increased productivity, plus the accurate reporting can help management make better business decisions with regards to waste collection and management.

Whether we’re talking about waste collection vehicles for construction waste or glass, kerbside collections or medical discards, landfill or recyclable materials, the fact is that every type of waste collection vehicle can benefit from the installation of a WasteWeigh system.

These highly accurate onboard vehicle weighing systems are available in Australia from AccuOnboard, the most experienced weighing company in the country, and can be fitted onto a variety of 4, 6 or 8-wheeled waste collection vehicles including rear-end loaders, front-end loaders, hook loaders, roll-on-offs, sludge tankers, recycling trucks and side loaders. They operate using GPS, GPRS or GSM and incorporate the latest in microprocessor technology which enables seamless communications with a variety of computer devices. When you contact us, you’ll find an experienced professional waiting to discuss your waste collection vehicle weighing needs or for a comprehensive look at solutions for the waste management industry.