We supply, integrate, install, upgrade, and service an extensive range of truck scale solutions that range from portable wheel weigh pads, to fully custom-built and manufactured multi-deck weighbridges, to onboard vehicle weighing systems for virtually any vehicle.

For our range of truck scales we provide Australia-wide service and support.

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Our Truck Scale Range

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Truck Weigh Pads

Ideal for high-traffic sites
About our Truck Weigh Pads

The Intercomp series of portable truck weigh pads are designed to weigh individual wheels and axles, and so can help ensure compliance with axle group legal load limits.

They are light-weight, low-profile, compact and self-contained scales constructed of aluminium. This enables them to be easily transported in the boot of a vehicle and carried by the average person. Wheel weigh pads are primarily used to meet CoR compliance requirements, maximise legal payloads and reduce overload stress on equipment.

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Portable Truck Scales / Weighbridge

No Civils Required. 1 Day Commissioning. 
About Portable Truck Scales / Weighbridges

Ideal for temporary sites, like small quarries and construction sites, our portable weighbridges are modular, lightweight, and easily transportable. Our portable weighing solution has been precision engineered to ensure easy, fast and stress-free installation and transportation, without comprising on reliability or accuracy.

Our portable weighbridges feature a relocatable deck constructed of steel. This deck sits on a movable frame that forms a solid base, which is then positioned on a concrete foundation (either in an above ground installation or a pit). Despite its lightweight design, our portable weighbridges can easily support the forces generated by truck traffic.

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Weigh in Motion Weighbridges

Ideal for high traffic sites
About In Motion Weighbridges

Our Ultrahawke weigh-in-motion (WIM) weighbridges are designed to automatically capture and record the weight readings of each individual axle loading, and identify the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of both the vehicle and its trailer while the vehicle is in motion. Unlike static weighbridges or axle scales, WIM weighbridges don’t require HGVs to stop for weighing. Operators simply drive over the weighbridge at a reduced and constant speed of up to 5km per hour. This makes the weighing process more efficient, eliminating unnecessary delays and downtime.

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  • Rigid tipper Truck weigh system
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  • Flatbed Truck weigh system

Onboard Weighing Systems

Chain of Responsibility & Legal-For-Trade
About Our Onboard Weighing Systems

Proudly one of Australia’s leading onboard vehicle weighing system suppliers and integrators, we have a huge range of solutions available for virtually any vehicle. Our systems range from axle overload monitoring systems to full legal-for-trade dynamic weighing systems. Utilising these systems will allow your operations to have the peace of mind knowing that you are aren’t in breach of Chain of Responsibility requirements and are also charging for the correct volumes of product being weighed.

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