Servicing at the Ports Authority in Honiara

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Servicing at the Ports Authority in Honiara

2019-06-13T16:15:23+10:30 5th August 2014|

AccuWeigh’s Queensland branch recently sent its service manager, Jason Bailey, to the Solomon Islands to service a steel weighbridge at the Ports Authority in Honiara.

The steel deck weighbridge was originally installed for this client by AccuWeigh about five years ago to weigh vehicles carrying cocoa. More recently, the weighbridge has been used to weigh 20-foot shipping containers at the Honiara port facility.

A heavy-duty forklift recently damaged the weighbridge load cells by running on to the weighbridge from the side. Mr Bailey, one of AccuWeigh’s most experienced Service Managers, travelled to Honiara to effect load cell replacements and to strengthen the weighbridge buffer arrangements.

To complete the service visit, a weighbridge calibration was performed to ensure the weighbridge was reading accurately and within acceptable error margins.

AccuWeigh has a number of clients located in the Oceania region and makes occasional trips throughout the year to attend to their needs. AccuWeigh is a trusted weighing products and services provider due to our recognised experience in the weighing industry.