Robots on Toyota Production Line

We’ve had over thirty years to perfect our processes. Over this time, we have designed, installed and commissioned hundreds of robotics automation systems for organisations that range from: multinational blue-chip manufacturers, such as Toyota Motor Company Australia, Mitsubishi Motors, Ford and Boeing; through to the Australian Defence Force; and smaller companies serving niche markets.

As Authorised Systems Integrator and Partner for many of the world’s leading robotics brands, which includes Kawasaki Robotics, Sick and Servo-Robot Vision Systems and OnRobot, the robotic systems we supply possess a dazzling array of features that enable them to perform myriad functions and provide high performance for a great range of applications and in any environment, no matter how hostile.

For these reasons, Diverseco has extensive experience in the provision of robotic automation systems for a great range of applications that include: welding, cutting, painting, palletising and materials handling, to name a few. Our robotics automation systems can enable any enterprise to automate repetitive, time-consuming manual tasks and increase productivity, product quality and efficiencies; which lead to lower costs, increased profitability, increased customer satisfaction and reduced WHS risk.

Our processes are guided by Diverseco’s Quality Management System (QMS), which is recognised as setting the industry standard for excellence in design, procurement, construction, commissioning and support of robotic automation technologies. Consequently, our service performance is critically assessed on a regular basis and this facilitates continual business process improvement.

With a global customer base and long-standing relationships with prominent international suppliers, Diverseco has been responsible for the development of numerous ‘world first’ robotic automation applications and has won many business and entrepreneurial awards.

“Mitsubishi Motors Australia required a company that could perform as part of our engineering group.
They have admirably achieved in this role…integrating into our team, working tirelessly to meet tight deadlines and deliver difficult installations on time and on budget.”

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