Our team will undertake a thorough business analysis and strategic review of your requirements. This, of course, will inform the development recommendations on how to best apply robotic automation technologies to realise your organisation’s strategic, business and operational objectives by re-engineering current processes.

Project Management

To ensure that your business, project and change management objectives are realised, Diverseco employ best practice project management methodologies that establish, support and promote quality needs analysis, efficient and effective communication and the delivery of projects within time, scope and budget.

Working to a designated time table, we will ensure that you are made aware of both the project deliverables and the activities that each party must perform at each stage of the project.

Our project management tools include a status reporting, progress monitoring, action item list and a resolution tracking system. Reports are prepared at pre-defined intervals summarising the overall project status, key deliverables, and milestones.


Drawing on our expertise and using the very latest software, our team of robot automation experts will design your robotics system – producing 3D parametric models and 2D drawings linked to the model. For accuracy, integrity of data and design flexibility, our choice of CAD modeller is Autodesk Inventor.

Diverseco remains completely up-to-date with Australian Standards relating to robotic technology and automated cells. Our designs fully comply with the relevant Australian Standard and Diverseco uses only quality materials.


While many applications don’t require a fly-through, our state-of-the-art simulation software can provide a tangible, birds-eye view of the complete automation process, if this is required. This process provides an opportunity to review/ revise plans and optimise production processes without the need to develop three dimension models.


Robots come alive with programming!

When we commission a system the programming is done for you and we provide the training, education and ongoing support that your company needs to maximise robotic potential.

Our team are fluent in a range of robot programming languages and the methodology that drives robotic automation. Each robot brand has its own language, for example, Kawasaki calls its native language AS and Stäubli refers to theirs as VAL.

There are two methods of programming an industrial robot:

  1. Use a Teach Pendant, manually positioning the robot and recording both posture and auxiliary parameters such as speed and motion type (linear or joint) simply by pressing a “record” button.
  2. The second method is to create the program using the controller Programming Language. Whilst this is the most powerful and flexible of the two methods, it requires an exceptional understanding of structured programming, which is something our team possess.


When we install and commissions your robotic automation system, Diverseco GUARANTEE it will work. How? Because we’ve already put your system together at our main facility and tested its operatonal capabilities. It is then partially dismantled leaving as much assembly in place as possible and shipped to your site. Prior to shipment, we will have ensured that all preparatory services (including the availability of air, water, gas and electricity requirements, mechanical construction and site preparation) have already taken place.

Prior to hand-over, we will work with your staff to perform a full risk assessment of the new automated robotic installation. If risks are identified, hazards will be eliminated or minimised and we will only hand-over the system to you when you are completely comfortable that the operating procedures have been documented and explained to your satisfaction.

After hand-over, we will allocate one of our specialised Technicians to work alongside your staff until you are comfortable that production is stable and reliable and that your staff are comfortable with the features and operation of the system. This process facilitates a smooth transition and minimal disruption to current operations.


Diverseco will ensure that your company maximises its investment in your robotics automation solution and realises all the benefits that it can provide by ensuring that your team receives training before handover.

Formal training is a vital component of any automated robotic system we install. Therefore, we will ensure that your staff are offered comprehensive training program on how to manage all aspects of the system, including operational, maintenance and programming perspectives.
When we program the cell, we encourage some of your staff (typically maintenance and engineering staff) to participate in training so that they are familiar with the operation of the equipment.

When we commission an automated cell the programming is done for you. We recommend that arrangements are made to educate appropriate staff in the same programming method that has been used for your application.

Our training programs are supported by a range of complementary educational materials, such as User Training Manuals, Training Notes and Presentations.


Our team is committed to providing our customers with exceptional levels of ongoing service and support to ensure your robotic automation solution keeps delivering exceptional results.

Our team of dedicated industrial robotics technicians and engineers possess the mechanical, electrical and programming expertise to deliver the highest level of ongoing support. This enables fast fault finding, diagnostics and root cause problem identification.

As many support issues are minor, our support program is based on telephone support as a first option. Clients located anywhere in Australia who require urgent support are guaranteed a response within 30 minutes.

Prevent costly breakdowns. Minimise production downtime.

Regular, preventative maintenance and servicing will ensure that your robot(s) are in ‘good health’ and fully functional. It will also significantly reduce the likelihood of costly equipment failure, expensive repairs and loss of productivity.

For these reasons, we encourage our customers to engage in a preventative maintenance and servicing program that is provided through a Diverseco Service Agreement. This will ensure that our customers can:

Rely on us to record, remind you & schedule periodic service times

  • Access discounted service rates
  • Access discounted spare parts pricing
  • Access priority breakdown services
  • Access a 24 hour breakdown service*

Diverseco has an extensive spare parts inventory for both current and older robots. At any given time, we have several complete robots in stock which are available for use in emergency situations for 100% spare parts back-up or even for temporary exchange.

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