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Product Inspection

Diverseco’s extensive range of food and product inspection equipment will streamline your processes and safeguard consumers and your brand’s reputation. Our inspection equipment reliably and continuously assures product quality without restricting your productivity and helps you avoid the potentially devastating effects of product contamination.

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Our fully-customisable and automated suite of food inspection products includes checkweighers that ensure absolute accuracy in packaged foods weights, through to highly sensitive food grade metal detectors and advanced industrial x-ray inspection systems that are able to detect even the smallest of contaminants.


Berries on a food grade filling and packaging line.

When consumer safety and brand protection are your priorities, you can be certain that nothing gets through our defences.

Metal Detectors For Food

stealth metal detector food pastries multiple

Food-grade metal detectors that will detect all ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel contaminants for a variety of applications.


OCS checkweigher hc a

Quality check your products through detection and rejection of underfilled, overfilled, and damaged products.

Food X-Ray Machines

Designed to detect the most difficult production contaminants and prevent costly, brand damaging recalls.

Track and Trace Systems

Serialisation for pharmaceuticals

Our range of industry-leading Track and Trace Systems through serialisation are designed by WIPOTEC-OCS for product and supply chain protection applic…