Operating a successful business means operating at maximum efficiency. Anything less means there is the potential for wastage and losses, such as time. Ultimately any losses in your business equate to an unwanted reduction on your profit margins, so when running an efficient transport or logistics service, investing in an on-board weighing system can pay dividends in the long run.

More efficient use of space

An onboard weighing system will help to ensure that each truck is loaded to its optimum load level. Having every possible space loaded accurately and within your maximum weight allowance means that the truck will be operating at the peak of efficiency. Incorrect loading, either under loading or overloading leads to a multitude of possible issues such as increased fuel costs, overloading fines as well as higher vehicle maintenance costs. Under loading your vehicle could mean that instead of sending one truck you send two, thereby doubling your costs.

Eliminate weighbridge fees

Not being able to weigh your own goods on-board your vehicle invariably means having to use a weighbridge to determine the weight of your truck. This comes with a charge each time a public weighbridge is used, and if your vehicle is travelling on a long journey and needs to make more than one stop at a weighbridge, these can certainly add up. Having an on-board weighing system means no more weighbridge fees, simply use your system to accurately and quickly measure the weight of your load instead.

Meet Your Chain of Responsibility requirements

Chain of responsibility means that if you are involved in the packing, loading or receiving of goods as part of your business, you may be held liable for any breaches of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) in Australia. Investing in an on-board weighing system will ensure that you will never be in a position that a breach will occur as you will always be able to accurately and quickly measure the weight of your vehicle load and be assured it does not go over the prescribed legal limits.

Avoid overloading fines

Overloading fines can be hefty, so having your own onboard weighing system allows the driver to quickly determine the weight of the truck, which is particularly useful if they are collecting various loads from different locations before delivering their goods.

Save time

Having access to an on-board vehicle weighing system can help save valuable time and we all know that time equals money. No more having to load stock and then move the truck to a weighbridge to check the weight before continuing. Simply switch on and take note of the current weight as the loading continues uninterrupted.

Save on maintenance costs

Operating your vehicles at maximum efficiency ultimately saves on maintenance costs, as when trucks are loaded and used at their optimum efficiency for both fuel and general wear and tear. Reducing your outgoings means an increase in your profit margin and who doesn’t want to see that?

Overload alarms

Some models of onboard weighing system include overload alarms, so when the vehicle has been overloaded a warning will appear to advise the truck is over its maximum weight allowance. This can be really helpful so you can quickly be alerted to an overload and rectify it immediately.

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