We’ve all had a goldfish or two in our time. Some of us even go tropical: large elaborate fish tanks, exotic fish, nifty rocks and watermills, automatic pumps, the whole kit and caboodle. And then there is the CSIRO. Okay, so they’re not exactly the most beautiful fish tanks you’ve ever seen but then this is science! And sometimes science – and in this case the science of a recipe batching control system, is about maximising utility, performance, and control while at the same time minimising waste.

The CSIRO had a requirement to dose 24 individual tanks each one with a particular quantity of fish, and each tank sample with a unique batch controlled recipe of different feed types. The rationale was simple: find the ultimate fish super-food. The approach the CSIRO wanted to take would allow them to carefully monitor the precise growth rates of individual fish and then compare the rate of growth against the exact recipe and quantity of food provided during the measurement period.

Armed with this mission in mind the CSIRO approached a variety of different scale companies who offered what we at Diverseco would describe as a stock standard weighing solution. In other words our competitors offered 24 individual set point indicators, one for each individual tank. Each of these controllers in turn would have been connected to a separate pc running batching software.

Although Diverseco could have provided a similar decentralised method to this challenge we approached their requirements in a more elegant way. We knew we could solve this multi-tank measurement task with just a single intelligent weigh controller, the Systec 8000E Batch (using an IT8000E). This German-made digital controller made of stainless steel and IP-65 rated could be programmed to read 24 individual weighers and control 24 separate feeders and log all events all at the same time. In other words, we can control 24 tanks with one batch controller and you can scroll through the colour display to see the level readings at one central point.

csiro-screen-shot batching control

csiro-systec recipe batching control

Not only did the Batch 8000 enable the centralised control of such a high number of tanks but it also enabled the CSIRO technicians to dial in remotely, check results, transfer data and even view the feeding events in real-time! The combination of reduced hardware and better centralised batching control as well as improved reporting and data management proved to be a winning formula for the CSIRO.

And speaking of formulas, which unique concoction won the title of the ultimate fish super-food? Sorry, it’s now a “top secret recipe” so we can’t tell you. It’s a science thing.

Learn more about the batching and filling capabilities of the IT8000E here.

Paul Joachim, Technical Sales Manager

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