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Dimensioning Products

The type of dimensioning product that is best for you will depend on several key factors.

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When you talk to the experts at Diverseco we may ask you some of the following questions:

  • What is the application – or the measurement problem, that you are trying to solve?
  • What are the minimum and maximum size and weights of the items you need to measure?
  • What are the shapes of these items – nice square boxes or irregular shapes or both?
  • What level of measurement accuracy do you require?
  • What are your throughput requirements?
  • Is this a legal for trade application?
  • How do you intend to use and export the data that is captured?
  • Do you also need to capture the images of items that are measured?

While more questions may need to be asked but this is a good start.

CubiScans. A wide variety of dimensioning products are available from Diverseco including the full range of CubiScan static and in-motion dimensioning systems. All of the CubiScan static dimensioning products incorporate automated weighing as well as dimensioning functionality.

Pallets. A wide variety of automated Dimension Weigh Scan products and solutions are available for pallet freight and large cargo and SKUs. These solutions include both static and dynamic or in-motion pallet DWS as well as multi-function solutions with advanced levels of processing including integrated pallet wrapping and label application for integration with AGVs in smart warehousing applications.

In Motion Barcode Scanning for Custody.  Many parcel processing and customs clearance applications only require that items ‘are scanned into custody and not measured at certain points along the supply chain journey. Diverseco are experts at designing, supplying and supporting high-speed barcode scanning systems

In Motion DWS. All of our in-motion Dimension Weigh Scan solutions feature bespoke design to cater to each user’s unique requirements. Capture item barcode identification, length, width, height, and weight and an image and export this captured data over your network in real time.

In Motion DWS with conveying and sortation. Diverseco can design, supply, support, and service almost any type of dimension weigh scan system with almost any type of conveying and sortation solution depending on the application requirements and freight profile of the items to be measured.

Software Products for Data Management and System Control. Diverseco’s in-house software products CubeMaster for CubiScan SKU data management and Harmony for DWS in-motion system management and control are the industry standards and have been proven in hundreds of installations in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Cubiscan Static Dimensioning Systems

Cubiscan logo

Cubiscan are the world’s most trusted Dimensioning Systems.

Dimension Weigh Scan Automation

Dimension Weigh Scan Automation

Diverseco is the preferred Revenue Recovery partner to the world’s leading freight companies.

Barcode Scanning

Barcode Scanner

Diverseco offer a flexible range of solutions for reliably reading barcodes, QR codes, addresses and arbitrary text.

Dimensioning & Robotics

Palletizing robot with Air Cup gripper

As exclusive agents for Kawasaki robotics, Diverseco is well positioned to help our customers integrate new automation solutions into their operations…