For over 20 years, Diverseco has been Australia’s leading systems integrator specialising in measurement and dimensioning automation. We are experts in Cubiscans, dimensioning, conveying, sortation, barcode scanning & identification, data format and export software, engineering, and materials handling.

Data export automation is included as standard. Diverseco is a dimensioning systems integrator. This means we are focused on measurement automation through item dimension-weigh-scan data capture and data export. As part of the sales process, we arrange for you and your IT to talk to our in-house software engineers about how we can configure the right software interface for your needs.

Our customers are Australasia’s and the world’s leading brands, supply chain businesses, and freight companies.

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In the Warehousing sector?

Our customers use the different Cubiscan models to dimension and weigh SKUs and export accurate SKU dimensional master data into their Warehouse Management System. Think of us as your SKU and freight dispatch data management partner.

In the Express Parcel and Pallet Freight sector?

Our customers use the different Cubiscan models to accurately measure and capture parcel and/or freight item weight and dimensions and export this data to their host freight management applications. Think of us as your parcel and pallet measurement automation partner.

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In the Freight & Logistics sector?

For large-scale freight & logistics solutions that are looking for conveying & sortation, product verification, packing, or material handling solutions to incorporate into or to transform their new or existing operations.

As suppliers and integrators for industry and world leading brands, we use our extensive range of industrial robots, collaborative robots, mobile autonomous robots, specialist conveyors, barcode verification systems, and many more to achieve your operational outcomes through an ongoing partnership.

From consultation to design, completion, and ongoing support, we’re here for you.

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