Our Board of Directors

Brenton Cunningham


Mr. Cunningham is an acquisition and change management specialist with over thirty five years experience in running large corporate assets. A recipient of the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, Mr. Cunningham  is actively involved in the executive strategic direction of Diverseco and its holdings.

David Hatton

Finance and Legal Director

Mr Hatton is a highly accomplished Chartered Accountant who has held directorships in a number of successful companies, specialising in taxation and advisory services. Mr Hatton joined Diverseco in 2009 and today controls the groups legal and financial portfolios.

Greg Brogan

Greg Brogan

Engineering Director
(Inspection and Weighing)

Mr. Brogan an Engineer with more than twenty seven years experience in the national weights and measures industry. Based in South Australia, Mr. Brogan lends his considerable technical and Human Resource expertise to several of Diverseco’s assets.

Ross Waller

Engineering Director
(Packaging and Automation)

Mr Waller is a Mechanical Engineer and a recognized expert in automation, pneumatics and packaging technology. In 1997, Mr Waller merged his own packaging company with Accuweigh and is today instrumental in managing the technical aspect of Diverseco’s many business interests.