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Truck Wheel Wash Systems

The Diverseco’s wheel wash systems are operated automatically with the wheel washing cycle initiated by the presence of a vehicle entering the wheel wash.

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This latest series of Diverseco truck wheel wash systems has many advantages over previous models for improved wheel washing operation, including:

  • An electronic vehicle sensor is now used to activate the wheel wash. This improvement ensures the water pump has time to charge the pipes and spray heads with water before the vehicle’s wheels enters the wash area.
  • The side sprays of the wheel wash are activated first, followed by the under-chassis sprays to avoid the driver’s view being obstructed by errant water spray during entry to the wheel wash.
  • An “IN USE” flashing light is mounted on the control box to the side of the wheel wash to warn drivers of following vehicles -whose vision may be obstructed by water sprays – that a vehicle is still in the wheel washing zone.
  • An increased nozzle count for improved washing performance.

Other operational improvements include an emergency stop button in case a vehicle stops while within the wheel wash; a manual mode which allows the wheel wash to be initiated without requiring a vehicle to enter the wash cycle, for either testing or cleaning purposes; and the control box is now fabricated in stainless steel for increased corrosion resistance.

Diverseco’s wheel wash systems are designed for high traffic throughput and are highly reliable and economical to operate. Some models are designed to be readily relocated and all models meet all current EPA compliance codes.

Three models are available:

  1. G01EX is the common model typically mounted in a concrete pit.
  2. G03EX comes with its own steel pit, meaning it can be more easily relocated. The steel pit can be mounted in a concrete pit or, if mounted at ground level, will require the construction of ramps.
  3. Grating 220 is the fully automatic model that does everything except drive the vehicle across it!