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Wheel Wash Bath

The AccuWash WWB model wheel wash bath is a heavy-duty metal tank fitted with access ramps to enable trucks/trailers to drive through the bath.

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All metal work is fully hot dip galvanised for an extended operating life.

Water must be regularly added to the bath to maintain a level suitable to wash the wheels, tyres and hubs as the vehicle progresses through the bath. There are no water jets or spraying actions fitted to the wheel wash bath.

The water in the wheelwash baths need to be manually drained and any residual sludge manually removed from the bath and disposed of responsibly.

An AccuWash wheel wash bath is a very cost-effective means of meeting the minimum EPA requirements for a wheel wash system. The wheel wash bath is fully self-contained and doesn’t require a power source to operate, making it ideal for use in temporary or remote locations where basic wheel cleaning is required.